1. Nick

    Yellowstone: Canyon & More Geyser Goodness

    Hope I'm not dragging this trip report out too much and boring everyone. Too many photos! This is the second of 4 trip reports from my 5-day trip to the Yellowstone area. Links to the other trips are below: Part 1: Grand Teton National Park Part 2: Upper Geyser Basin Part 3: Canyon & More...
  2. Nick

    Yellowstone: Old Faithful Area

    I don't want to overwhelm with way too many pictures in one trip report, so I'm breaking out my Yellowstone trip into three seperate posts, one for each day in the park. And of course the first part of this trip was spent in Grand Teton. See all of the trip reports at the links below: Part 1...
  3. HomerJ

    Yellowstone Bikepacking/Backpacking Trip - Sept 2012

    This year for our Yellowstone trip we decided to switch things up a bit and do a bikepacking/backpacking trip! There's an old paved road that you can no longer drive that leads to Lone Star Geyser that you can bike. We decided to ride (2.7 miles) in with out packs to the end of this road and...
  4. Yellowstone 1

    Yellowstone 2006

    I met my wife in 2005 and I asked her to marry me when we went on a trip to Yellowstone in October. So, we figured we might as well go on our honeymoon there because it was cheap and close. We went in September this time. I wanted to stay at a place with a hot tub and there's not much in West...
  5. Yellowstone 1

    Yellowstone 2008

    So, every year my buddies and I head to Yellowstone to do some camping, hiking and lounging around. We also try to explore new parts of the park and hit up new trails. This particular year we decided to stay in West Yellowstone because we didn't want to cook and clean up in the morning and...
  6. HomerJ

    Yellowstone - 2009

    9-11 to 9-15 The week after Labor Day weekend some friends and I took headed to Yellowstone for some car camping and fishing! We left Cache Valley Friday morning and drove to Indian Creek campground in the upper west area of the park near Mammoth. We took the more scenic route through Jackson...
  7. Tyler

    Yellowstone July 2011

    This is a long-delayed blog post for our trip to Yellowstone NP. Since this trip we have been extremely busy with coaching football and a new addition to the family (welcoming our new little hiker, Waylon Elijah). Yellowstone was extremely beautiful and definitely lived up to the hype, both...
  8. HomerJ

    Yellowstone - Upper Firehole River - 2010

    9-23-2010 to 9-27-2010 Some friends and I decided to do a late season backpacking trip into Yellowstone as we were having such great weather for this time of year. We had decided on a short hike (our camp was less than 4 miles from the trail head) in into the upper Firehole River area. This was...
  9. HomerJ

    Yellowstone - Shoshone Lake - 2010

    7-18-2010 to 7-21-2010 I made it back from Yellowstone and I'm glad to be home! The mosquitoes were HORRIBLE!!!! And the fishing wasn't any better. Monday - We drove up to the Park and camped at Grants Village on Yellowstone Lake the first night. We had to pick up our back country permit and...

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