1. Joey

    Yellowstone's Lamar River, Hoodoo Basin, and Eastern Boundary Loop

    This is a 5 day backpacking loop I did in Yellowstone National Park. I did this back in July, 2012, but its a pretty neat loop, possibly one of the best trips I've done in the park, so I thought I would share. Here is the trip route: . I have a trip video for...
  2. Bob

    Petrified Forest - Yellowstone NP

    From 2002. This is a nice day hike:
  3. Bob

    Electric Peak - Yellowstone NP

    Picture trip report from 2002:
  4. Bob

    Shoshone Lake to the South Entrance, Yellowstone

    Another old trip report, from 2008 in pics:
  5. Joey

    The Sour Creek Expedition. An 8 day trip into Yellowstone's Wapiti Lake/Broad Creek Area

    This is a video from a backpacking trip I did the first week of September in Yellowstone National Park. The poster @scatman wrote a trip report for it here: . We explore the Hot Springs Basin Group area...
  6. Keith

    Yellowstone Thorofare (8/11/14 to 8/17/14)

    This is way overdue but some recent exchanges with hiking friends inspired me to finally sit down and write about this trip last August. Prior to my Thorofare trip I spent a week with @scatman, @Joey and company exploring the Pitchstone and Bechler regions. It was another phenomenal @Scatmen...
  7. Joey

    Yellowstone's Crescent Lake, High Lake, and Specimen Creek

    This is a three day backpacking trip I did November 8th through 10th, 2014. It was a 21 mile loop in the Gallatin Mountains, located in the NW corner of Yellowstone National Park. It was cold, snowy, and void of people. Camped along Specimen Creek Early Saturday morning, I left Jackson and...
  8. Joey

    Yellowstone in November. Backpacking Agate Creek

    This is a trip report from my visit to Yellowstone National Park last weekend. It details a short, one night backpack to Agate Creek along the Yellowstone River, and also some sights from driving around the park. Last Friday (Halloween) I drove up to Yellowstone after working all day. I...
  9. Keith

    Segments of the Howard Eaton in Yellowstone (10/29-11/1)

    The weather looked good for the last weekend of the season so I decided to make the trip from Seattle to enjoy one last visit to the park in 2014. My plan was to visit sections of the Howard Eaton trail and to visit with Joey. With one exception, all the sections I planned to visit on this...
  10. Joey

    Backpacking Yellowstone's Heart Lake down to the Snake River

    This is a 3 day, 2 night backpacking trip I did in Yellowstone National Park. Saturday, October 25th through Monday, October 27th, 2014. I hitchhiked up to the Heart Lake Trailhead, hiked in to Heart Lake, then down to the Snake River, and followed that out to the South Entrance. It was...
  11. Joey

    An October Backpack into Yellowstone's Cascade Corner

    This is a 6 day backpacking trip I did earlier this month. I started from the East side of Shoshone Lake, hiked down the Bechler Canyon, visited Mr. Bubbles, Dunanda Falls, Union Falls, and made my way out the South Boundary Trail to the South Entrance of Yellowstone NP. You may need to click...
  12. scatman

    Wapiti Lake, Sour Creek - YNP - August 30, 2014

    On August 30th, a group of four of us which included a forum poster @Joey , began an eight day backpacking trip into Yellowstone National Park. We started by hiking into Ribbon Lake on the first night, on the second night we camped at Moss Creek before moving on day three to Wapiti Lake. We...
  13. scatman

    Pitchstone Plateau / Bechler River / Union Falls Loop - YNP - 8/3/14

    This report covers a backpacking trip of 71 miles (includes day hikes) completed by a group of six that begins and ends at the Beula Lake Trailhead located on the Grassy Lake Road in the Caribou – Targee National Forest. The loop begins by hiking up to Beula Lake, then off-trail up the...
  14. scatman

    Sevenmile Hole - YNP - June 11, 2014

    I had the opportunity last week to spend two nights in the Yellowstone backcountry with my family at an area located within the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone called Sevenmile Hole. In addition to spending the two nights at campsite 4C2, we did a day hike back out of the canyon to Washburn Hot...
  15. scatman

    Headwaters of the Yellowstone River - 2013

    I posted this trip report to Backpacker and Yellowstone forums after the trip was completed back in September but had yet to join this forum. My apologies to those who may have seen this write-up before, but I had a request to post here also. Here is the link to my images of the trip. Just...
  16. Melissa

    Yellowstone Snowcoach Tour

    Well, it's not backpacking or camping, but it IS my very first trip report. As a belated Christmas present, Neiloro and I took a trip to Yellowstone to check out winter in the park. Being unfamiliar with Yellowstone in winter and having very little time to plan, we booked a snowcoach tour...
  17. Deadeye008

    Boatpacking in the YNP.

    A couple buddies and I set out for the YNP backcountry a couple weekends ago. Our campsite was one that can be accessed by either a 20 mile boat ride or a 20 mile hike. We chose the boat since our primary goal was finding some big Yellowston Cutts. It was great to sit around a campfire and the...
  18. Yellowstone 1

    Yellowstone - June 05'

    Since the banner at the top has been calling for some old trip reports. I figured I'd throw one in from 2005. I apologize ahead of time for the font issues. In June of 2005 a few buddies and I went on our yearly pilgrimage to Yellowstone. This time we had decided to turn it into a...
  19. Deadeye008

    Browntown, USA

    A couple buddies and myself backpacked into YNP in search of Browntown, USA this past weekend. We found it and spent a few days reaping the rewards of timing this trip just right. Big, thick fish were the name of the game all weekend long. There was no shortage of them. Got down into the teens...
  20. Nick

    Lamar Valley, Mammoth & Fairy Falls

    Time to wrap up this series of trip reports. This is the last of 4 parts. Links to the previous trip reports are below: Part 1: Grand Teton National Park Part 2: Upper Geyser Basin Part 3: Canyon & More Geyser Goodness Part 4: Lamar Valley, Mammoth & Fairy Falls For our last full day in...

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