A Few More Photos from Scatman’s Grizzly Lake trip …


Mar 31, 2016
The trail in and a water crossing
And the last water crossing
@The Trout Whisperer tent on the right, mine on the left. We were tucked into the trees and that helped when the wind shifted and started coming from the north
Most of the other’s tents
Moon rise over the ridge
Day hiking to Grizzly Lake
Log pile at the Grizzly Lake outlet
Grizzly Lake … @scatman led a group on a bushwhack around the lake
The next day @scatman led a group up to Mt. Holmes … I followed a short time later but only went as far as the Winter Creek Patrol Cabin

This is a view looking back towards camp (in the trees near the center of the photo, in a clump of trees by the water)
The trail follows Winter Creek, dropping down off this ridge
The trail now dropped down near the creek. The creek was dry with only a few pools of stagnant green water.
Some open meadows as the trail progresses
A view of Mt. Holmes
The patrol cabin
A peek inside
The hike back to camp was uneventful … here’s an interesting sight along the way
Misty and frosty sunrise at camp on our final morning
This big guy was right on the trail on our way out and so we had to go off trail a bit to get around him. @TheMountainRabbit walked right past him when he was laying down and never saw him!
The trail on the way out … almost back to the trailhead

It was a great trip and a good introduction to the Yellowstone backcountry for me.
I didn't realize Grizzly Lake was so large. Really great photos!
Thank you for sharing the pictures. I especially liked the picture of camp from above. It was nice meeting you!
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