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  1. 12trysomething

    VIDEO: Winter Wonderland In The Adirondacks

    Finally, a trip in 2015! Come along as we enjoy an overnight in the Adirondack Mountains. Russ (DuctTape & Sausage King) and Justin (Justin) join me for a trip to Southerland Mountain. We camped in a hemlock grove at the base of the mountain and then bushwhacked to the summit, sort of (you will...
  2. Vegan.Hiker

    Giant Mountain Wilderness - Adirondacks, NY

    January 31, 2015 About 20 minutes outside of Lake Placid, site of the 1980 Winter Olympics where Al Michaels asked the country "Do you believe in miracles?", is the Giant Mountain Wilderness; part of the Adirondack High Peaks region. At 6 million acres, the Adirondacks region is the largest...
  3. 12trysomething

    VIDEO: Meandering Down The NPT...UhOh Where Are My Keys?

    A fun 24 hour trip on the new section of trail. Thanks for watching.
  4. Vegan.Hiker

    A Night on the Appalachian Trail

    A Night on the Appalachian Trail 10/18/2014 I debated whether to post this since most TR’s on here are epic and this one certainly is not. I live about 20 minutes from Harriman State Park in NY and consider it my “backyard” for hiking. Roughly 19 miles of the Appalachian Trail traverses...
  5. 12trysomething

    Ultralight Backpacking / Hammock Style - Fall in the Adirondacks

    Come along with me and spend 3 days, 2 nights in the 5 Ponds Wilderness Area of the Adirondacks. The weather was perfect, 70's and sunny with lows in the mid 40's and the leaves were at peak color. The view atop Cat Mountain took my breath away! This is the first trip where I have been...
  6. Vegan.Hiker

    Shawangunk Ridge, NY

    I hope it’s acceptable to do a trail report in video format. If not, I apologize. Most of you are from out west and probably haven’t hiked in my neck of the woods (NJ/NY). While you’re not missing out on much in comparison to the epic places you guys have out west, I figured I’d throw a video...
  7. SirDonB

    Pittstown State Forest, Pittstown, NY

    This one may be a little outside of what I have seen here so far with most of the trail reports and other writeups, but I feel that my area should get highlighted too. There are multi use trails throughout the forest open to the public as well as NY DEC maintained primitive camping sites...
  8. Yvonne

    Fall Foliage and Waterfalls in Western New York, October 2012

    Fall Foliage and Waterfalls in Western New York, October 2012 Every year in October I headed out and visited some waterfalls and areas with near peak foliage conditions in Western New York. This year was totally different. First of all due to the severe drought the last six months the first...

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