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  1. kwc

    Another Hike in the Adirondacks 5/13/20

    Today we took a hike to Puffer Pond in the Central Adirondacks, 4.7 miles r/t. Sunny and cool (mid-40s) with some breezes at the “pond”. Some of the trees near the “pod” were starting to bud out but for the most part it’ll be a couple weeks before things really start greening up. There was...
  2. kwc

    Sunday Hill Climbing in the Adirondacks

    I haven't climbed this little gem in a few years ... Hadley Mtn in the southern Adirondacks. Microspikes all the way up and back down. Sorry, no orange @scatman like kilt ... I think it would have clashed with my orange pack. trail was hard packed ... if you ventured off the trail you sunk...
  3. kwc

    Late October Adirondack Paddling

    It was a sunny day, temps in the mid 50s, & so we decided to head north to Lens Lake for some paddling. Lens Lake is slowly turning into a bog at its northeastern end, much of the "islands" are actually floating bogs with pitcher plants, sundew, some grasses, and an occasional tamarack. Water...
  4. kwc

    Short Hike Close to Home June 2018 Southern Adirondacks

    Visited a local DEC wildlife area close to our home ... on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Loop trail around the marsh through the forest with some long bridges across portions of the marsh. trail head sign First view of the marsh ... periscope in the marsh grasses ... definitely kept his eye on...
  5. kwc

    More Adirondack Canoeing

    Car camping at Lake Harris, Newcomb, NY, late May 2017. Campground had just opened. We canoed the lake and the Hudson River. evening paddle on calm waters signpost on the Hudson River ... take a right and you can head to NYC, take a left and you can head to Mt. Marcy (Lake Tear of the...
  6. kwc

    Adirondack Winter Hike (old)

    Adirondack High Peaks winter snowshoe ... heading up to Gothics
  7. kwc

    one more Adirondack Canoe Day trip - Fall Lake Stream

    starting out down the stream ... nice sized beaver house ... stream widens out into Vly Lake ... then back into a stream at the northeastern end of the lake ... one of several beaver dams we encountered along the way. narrow section of the stream ... things open up a bit ... yet...
  8. kwc

    some Adirondack snowshoeing ...

    The old gate house ... entrance to Great Camp Santanoni ... the actual camp is five miles farther in on Newcomb Lake. It is slowly being restored. This was a couple years ago ... 'twas a great day to be out in the snow & sunshine!!
  9. kwc

    another Adirondack Canoe day trip

    Bog River Flow ... in the fall ... Mrs. kwc threading the needle ... remnants of a Great Camp ... most of it was torn down by NYS DEC sunset on Tupper Lake (not too far from the Bog River Flow ...
  10. Vegan.Hiker

    Phelps Mountain

    I have a few TR's which I'll try to catch up on. This trip was last winter (Jan., 2017) and it's not all that fresh in my mind anymore, so I'll keep it pretty brief. This was a weekend trip that I took up to the High Peaks region of the northern Adirondacks, NY with my buddy Craig. Despite...
  11. Vegan.Hiker

    A Farewell to Fall along the Shawangunk Ridge

    A night in Harriman State Park and a day on the Shawangunk Ridge October 17th and 18th, 2015 This past weekend the Fall color show finally came to town. I was glad I wouldn't have to drive several hours north this weekend to find the colors. After weeks of patiently waiting, they finally came...
  12. Vegan.Hiker

    Autumn in the Adirondacks: Mt Jo, The Brothers, Big Slide Mtn

    Adirondacks, NY October 2nd - 4th, 2015 This past weekend I took my wife up to the Adirondacks in the hopes of finding some fall foliage. It turns out we were a little early as it was probably about a week before peak. But this was good enough for us since everything is still green in New...
  13. Vegan.Hiker

    Great Range Traverse Part 1

    Last weekend I had 3 days to backpack and began the Great Range Traverse. This is a 25 mile hike over rugged terrain summiting 11 different peaks and gaining over 10,000 feet in elevation. This hike was listed by Backpacker as the 3rd hardest dayhike in America in this article...
  14. Vegan.Hiker

    A Walk in the Gunks

    This Sunday I day hiked with my wife and dog along a section of the Shawangunk ridge in Minnewaska State Park, NY which is about an hour from my house. The Shawangunk ridge, referred to as the "gunks" by hikers and climbers, is a bedrock ridge connecting the Kittatinny Mountains of NJ to the...
  15. 12trysomething

    VIDEO: Winter Wonderland In The Adirondacks

    Finally, a trip in 2015! Come along as we enjoy an overnight in the Adirondack Mountains. Russ (DuctTape & Sausage King) and Justin (Justin) join me for a trip to Southerland Mountain. We camped in a hemlock grove at the base of the mountain and then bushwhacked to the summit, sort of (you will...
  16. Vegan.Hiker

    Giant Mountain Wilderness - Adirondacks, NY

    January 31, 2015 About 20 minutes outside of Lake Placid, site of the 1980 Winter Olympics where Al Michaels asked the country "Do you believe in miracles?", is the Giant Mountain Wilderness; part of the Adirondack High Peaks region. At 6 million acres, the Adirondacks region is the largest...
  17. 12trysomething

    VIDEO: Meandering Down The NPT...UhOh Where Are My Keys?

    A fun 24 hour trip on the new section of trail. Thanks for watching.
  18. Vegan.Hiker

    A Night on the Appalachian Trail

    A Night on the Appalachian Trail 10/18/2014 I debated whether to post this since most TR’s on here are epic and this one certainly is not. I live about 20 minutes from Harriman State Park in NY and consider it my “backyard” for hiking. Roughly 19 miles of the Appalachian Trail traverses...
  19. 12trysomething

    Ultralight Backpacking / Hammock Style - Fall in the Adirondacks

    Come along with me and spend 3 days, 2 nights in the 5 Ponds Wilderness Area of the Adirondacks. The weather was perfect, 70's and sunny with lows in the mid 40's and the leaves were at peak color. The view atop Cat Mountain took my breath away! This is the first trip where I have been...
  20. Vegan.Hiker

    Shawangunk Ridge, NY

    I hope it’s acceptable to do a trail report in video format. If not, I apologize. Most of you are from out west and probably haven’t hiked in my neck of the woods (NJ/NY). While you’re not missing out on much in comparison to the epic places you guys have out west, I figured I’d throw a video...

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