More Adirondack Canoeing


Mar 31, 2016
Car camping at Lake Harris, Newcomb, NY, late May 2017. Campground had just opened. We canoed the lake and the Hudson River.

fullsizeoutput_572.jpeg evening paddle on calm waters
signpost on the Hudson River ... take a right and you can head to NYC, take a left and you can head to Mt. Marcy (Lake Tear of the Clouds), highest point in NY State and the start of the Hudson River.
our view at dinner ...
gotta have a campfire when you're camping!! Wood was provided by the campground (a DEC campground) ... this was opening weekend for the campground & they had wood piles everywhere from clearing up winter blowdown, etc.
moon rise ... the view from our campsite.
morning paddle down Lake Harris ... Goodnow Mtn in the distance
one of a number of loons we saw out on the lake while paddling ...
fullsizeoutput_5b9.jpeg after canoeing down Lake Harris & back to our campsite, had some lunch, and then we headed the other way (east) to the Hudson River (there is a channel connecting the Hudson with the lake). We headed north towards Marcy ... got to this bridge (rocky rapids beneath the bridge) & so we hauled our canoes up and over the road, to the right of the bridge, and continued up the Hudson.
fullsizeoutput_5bb.jpeg this is the Hudson on the other side of that bridge ...
fullsizeoutput_5be.jpeg we were able to paddle this far before running into rocks and rapids ... so we decided to take a snack break on the rocky "sandbar" ... scouted ahead and saw that there were more rocks and rapids ahead. The weather had turned from a beautiful sunny morning to a cloudy afternoon ... so we decided to head back to our campsite. By the time we got to our campsite it was starting to sprinkle & the clouds were getting darker. The decision was made to break camp & head home ... and soon after we had everything packed away ... the deluge began. Rained most of the way home (roughly a two hour drive).
It was a really nice quick weekend adventure ... and fortunately we were a little early for the Adirondack bug season so that made everything much more pleasant. All photos were taken by Mrs. kwc.


May 16, 2016
Weird to see the Hudson River as skinny as a wide ditch, I've only seen it in southern NY where it is much wider.

Nice report, keep them coming :)
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