1. kwc

    Fall hike to Chase Lake, Southern Adirondacks

    Mix of sun & clouds, breezy, temperature in the low 50s. Trail had a few muddy sections but overall it was in good shape. Lots of leaves on the trail covering some of the rocks & branches so you had to watch your steps often. 5.6 miles r/t
  2. kwc

    Another Fall Day of Paddling

    Another unusually warm October day so off I went to an Adirondack lake that I hadn’t paddled before. Thirteenth Lake. Two loons, three blue herons, and a couple mergansers. Looking down the lake from the launch Checked out one of the designated campsites along the lake. This one...
  3. kwc

    Fall Paddling

    Warm, sunny fall days are perfect for paddling in the Adirondacks. Colors are looking pretty good too! So we did a 7 mile round trip paddle on the Racquette River this afternoon. Saw a buck, juvenile eagle, and a bald eagle.
  4. kwc

    Paddling to beat the heat and humidity

    Spent some time paddling in the southern Adirondacks to try and get some relief from the heat and humidity that was rolling into the area. Some color starting to emerge in the trees …
  5. kwc

    Limekiln Lake paddle

    Decided to try someplace different so I went (truck) camping at a state campground in the central Adirondacks. Had a site perched above the lake so I had access for my canoe. Site was pretty private with good separation between my site and others nearby. There is a small portion of the lake...
  6. kwc

    Another sunny day, another jaunt in the Southern Adirondacks

    Today’s adventure took me up to the trail into Bennett and Middle Lakes. I did not stop at Bennett, it’s off the main trail a bit, but just continued on up to Middle Lake. There were many wet open spots along the way as well as water just streaming along in the trail. I stayed out of those...
  7. kwc

    Short Snowshoe Hike today, Southern Adirondacks

    Had to break trail which slowed me down quite a bit. Didn’t make it to my destination due to the snow and time.
  8. kwc

    Cedar River Flow, Central Adirondacks

    Another beautiful day in the Adirondacks so I headed north to paddle the Cedar River Flow. It was unusually calm (typically windy because of its SW to NE orientation) which made the paddling even more enjoyable. Almost looks like some thermal activity … but it’s not At the far...
  9. kwc

    Round Lake, north central Adirondacks, in the Round Lake Wilderness

    Another beautiful late October day, with a chilly start, so off to the north to explore somewhere I had never been before. Round Lake is certainly not round at all. There are 11 designated campsites scattered around the lake … I visited a few of them to check them out, found a couple nice...
  10. kwc

    John Pond, central Adirondacks

    Hiked into one of my favorite ponds, John Pond, near Indian Lake, NY Trail started out a bit wet, poor drainage combined with recent rains. Mostly hemlocks with some beech trees in the understory. Trail dried out a bit after a short while An open marshy area along the way, some beaver...
  11. kwc

    Snowy Mountain, central Adirondacks

    Today was a beautiful day for hiking … I decided to hike up Snowy Mountain, just shy of being a 4000 footer. 7.5 miles round trip, crazy steep for the last half mile. View from the fire tower Indian Lake … Puffer Mountain and pond, Chimney Mountain in the distance. We’ve hiked them before...
  12. kwc

    A Paddling Weekend in the Adirondacks

    Back to back beautiful days were excellent reasons to eat our boats out onto the water. We went and paddled a section of the Racquette River on Saturday (10+ miles round trip) and today we paddled on Mason Lake, one of our favorites. Racquette River photos Mason Lake...
  13. kwc

    Adirondack Hike to Middle Lake

    This is one of our favorite hikes in the southern Adirondacks. The trail follows an old woods road much of the way, going by Bennett Lake, Middle Lake, and finally Murphy Lake. There’s a lean to at Murphy which makes it a destination for weekenders. Middle is our favorite with a number of...
  14. kwc

    First Paddle of 2022

    Today was a perfect day for our first time out on the water this year. We paddled a section of the West Branch of the Sacandaga River. Lots of songbirds singing away.
  15. kwc

    Hadley Mountain Fire Tower hike, Southern Adirondacks

    Our string of nice weather continued today so I decided to tackle Hadley Mountain to the Fire Tower. I have done this hike a bunch of times including the winter. It’s not long at 3.5 miles round trip but the elevation gain going up is 1545 feet in 1.75 miles. Since today was a holiday there...
  16. Titans

    Reflections in ponds: 4 days in The Adirondacks, Sept 1-4, 2021

    We just came back after a 4 day hiking & camping trip in The Adirondacks. We prefer quiet ponds as compared to the High Peaks region, which is very busy. We saw super cool reflections in ponds, a surprising nice sunset, plenty of mushrooms and we did some star gazing. A colorful sunset after a...
  17. kwc

    Moxham Mountain, Adirondacks

    Today was a prefect day for hiking, no humidity, no bugs, temps in the low 60s. A welcome change from our weather over the past few weeks. And a welcome chance to get outside and resume activities after a short bout with COVID19 (yup, we were both exposed and experienced mild symptoms that...
  18. kwc

    Short jaunt to Broomstick Lake, southern Adirondacks

    After one of our wettest Julys on record, it rained hard and long on August 1st. So today I thought I’d see how the rain had affected the stream that runs out of Broomstick Lake, a small lake not too far from home. Usually the stream has barely any water in it at this time of the year. Not so...
  19. Titans

    The Milky Way and a plethora of beautiful ponds - The Adirondacks, August, 2020.

    All summer we have been longing to see the Milky Way and stargaze an evening. So about 2 weeks ago in a snap we packed up our camping gear and headed to the Adirondacks. Hiking the high peaks is very popular now, so we decided to do a hike around numerous quiet and beautiful ponds, almost all in...
  20. kwc

    Wiliam C. Whitney Wilderness canoe camping (Adirondacks)

    Three days, two nights in the Whitney Wilderness in the northern Adirondacks on Little Tupper Lake. Hard to imagine that this entire area was once a wealthy family's "playground" (the Whitneys still own property on a small portion of the lake). Awesome weather, calm waters, eagles, beavers, &...