wind rivers

  1. SwimsWithTrout

    40 years of Wandering the Wind's

    Sorry for the poor quality, but this was shot nearly entirely with film , dating back from 1972, from my first solo trips, to my kids with my first marriage, and then to my new wife and even harder core rock climbing days.
  2. Dave

    Green River Lakes Redux

    The long winter nights have my mind meandering back to warmer days, to wind rippling the surface of opalescent glacial waters. I can't tell this story better than @Nick already has, but enough time has now past that perhaps a new round of pictures won't seem too repetitive. Bringing a boat...
  3. Blake Merrell

    Wind River Trip - Day 5 - Island Lake

    After a nice romp though Indian creek, we eventually made it back to Island Lake. Popular? yup. Most beautiful lake in the Winds? I have no idea, but it sure was pretty! Camp for the night felt like I was in a campground. It was a weird feeling, seeing that we were 12 miles away from the TH...
  4. steve

    Wind Rivers Traverse - Backpacking 90 miles in the Wind Rivers

    In early Sept, 2015, 4 of us headed into the Wind Rivers for the first time. It was an incredible trip. We started at Green River Lakes, and traversed the range, ending in Big Sandy at the end of the trip. We calculated our route took us about 90 miles.
  5. Blake Merrell

    Titcomb Basin, Fremont Peak, Indian Basin, Knifepoint Glacier, & Island Lake

    For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies, for the love which from our birth over and around us lies; For the beauty of each hour of the day and of the night, hill and vale, and tree and flower, sun and moon, and stars of light; For the joy of ear and eye, for the heart and...
  6. trasmuson3

    Wind Rivers - Shadow Lake

    We set out to the Winds last Wednesday after work to the Big Sandy Trailhead. This is a trip that I have been looking forward to all year. It has been about 6 six years since I had been up there and I just could not wait. It was all I was able to think about leading up to it. My work probably...
  7. Aldaron

    Winds - Green River Lakes to Elkhart Park

    For our summer vacation in 2015 we decided to spend a week in August backpacking the Wind River Range in Wyoming. I have done several backpacking trips in the Winds, but I had never started from Green River Lakes (GRL)...and Tmy wife had never been to Titcomb Basin. So that was the basic plan...
  8. Eugene

    Wind Rivers from Elkhart Park to Titcomb Basin

    I have been wanting to do a trip to the Wind River region for several years and finally made it up there the week of Aug 10. Three of us old timers from the Houston Texas area decided to brave the altitude (10,000 feet is high when one lives at 80 ft or less) and do a 3 1/2 day trip from Elhart...
  9. Kullaberg63

    Wind River High Route

    I'm sure many of you have seen AdventureAlan's site ( ) profiling a rugged route from Green River Lakes to Big Sandy. Or maybe some of our members have done the trip? Maybe Alan is a poster here? Either way, we had hardly any experience with the Winds before...
  10. Nico

    Windy Lake - Wind Rivers

    Here's a video from the trip: I went out to Windy Lake over 4th of July weekend and the trip had left a bittersweet taste in my mouth...mostly bitter though...and stinging with mosquito bites. We drove up Christina Lake Road, which turns out to be quite a rough one - glad we had the Jeep. We...
  11. Artemus

    Sweetwater Gap Walkabout - Wind Rivers

    Greetings summer wanderers. A quick trip report about this weekend's (July 10, 2015) walkabout in the Wind River range with Underscore and his doggie Maya. We went in to examine some climbing cliffs I had heard about above the Sweetwater Gap and to generally enjoy the range. We were lured, as...
  12. Kyle P

    Hike to Grave/Baptiste lakes in the Wind Rivers

    This post is long overdue, but I figured I would still put it up anyway, better late than never. For starters, below is a video I made of our hike, be sure to change the video quality to 1080p for better quality! Saturday August 9th: Before another year of college was under way, my friends...
  13. Ben

    wind river range, elkhart park to lower jean lake

    Mid september 2013 my brother and i did a hike in the Wind Rivers. This was our first time there. I rode from Boise to Pinedale on my motorcycle through some rain and ended up making it to Wyoming some time around midnight just about the coldest and wettest i've ever been. I got out my sleeping...
  14. Bob

    Wind Rivers - 2014 - Part 2

    Day 5 – Sunny in the morning but the weather report was bad. Plan change number ? We needed a LONG day of GOOD weather to make it over Blaurock Pass (up and down about 2500 ft vertical) and about 4 miles. Not to happen with the forecast. We decided to head south over Bloody Hell Pass and the...
  15. Bob

    Wind Rivers - 2014 - Part 1

    Day 1 – Drove to Pinedale from Ogden so as to hit the trail early afternoon. Cloudburst rain from Kemmerer to Daniels Junction, not looking good. Headed to Green Lakes TH to drop a truck and it changed to partly sunny, yeah! Finally got to Elkhart about 2p, hit the trail about 230p. Heard...
  16. isleroyaleguy

    Wind River Range. D&A TOUR 2014 - Part 2

    Doug and Anita Tour 2014 Wind River Range Wyoming Part 2 It was a beautiful clear night, I know because Anita was outside in the middle of the night, doing whatever girls do in the middle night and she told me so. So I stuck my head outside to check out the beautiful display of stars. Clear...
  17. isleroyaleguy

    Wind River Range. D&A TOUR 2014 - Part 1

    Doug and Anita Tour 2014 Wind River Range Wyoming Part 1 The drive out was fun. The anticipation always adds to that. We rented a car to avoid the wear of 3000 miles on ours. We had a Ford Focus and it got 37 mpg. Sweet! Stopped at Wall Drug we did our part to keep them in business. Anita...
  18. BirdMan445

    Wind River Range ; Popo Agie Wilderness - Video attached

    Three weeks ago spent a great five days in the Winds. Provisioned at NOLS Gulch in Lander, WY. Then parked at Worthen Meadows trailhead. Approx 30 mile loop in the Popo Agie Wilderness. Highlights include 3 Forks Park, Deep Creek Lakes, Ice Lakes, Tayo Park and Stough Creek Basin. Minimal...
  19. outnabout

    Wind River - 4 days, Elkhart-AngelPass-Dennis Lake

    Hey ya'll! I promised @Nick that I would do a TR of my solo trip in the Winds so here goes. This will be my third time in the Windies and my second solo trip (with k9 buddy Tyke). Last year I did the classic Elkhart-Titcomb trip and had a blast. This year the goal was to try a less-traveled...
  20. Bob

    Wind Rivers

    Well got back early, teaser doesn't show it..........Clouds, rain, hail, sleet, snow, wind. Did I say wind ? should be WIND. report to follow in few days................

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