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    A much anticipated loop from Elkhart to Elkhart. I've wanted to visit the Alpine/Brown Cliffs lakes for a long time and this was it. Weather started out boring for the first 4-5 days, but then got some clouds for more interesting light. I LOVE the forested rolling domes of the pole creek area ! Some of the most enchanting forest I have ever trekked thru. Creek crossings were very mild here, no searching up n' down stream for a rocky path to hop across. Less wildflowers, and still no wildlife but birds n' bugs. And an eclipse ! Viewed from near the top of the pass to Brown Cliffs from NF Bull Creek side. Very cool. I was so busy just experiencing it I didn't even attempt a photo. Was so proud of myself ! Rugged back there, it was exhausting working thru the boulders down to the lower BC lakes from the pass. But no matter how strenuous and frustrating it gets, once I hit easier terrain (or even if I don't, and it is still just stunning to look around me and see where I am) it is all worth while and more. I came off the trail with blisters and a swollen ankle, minus 1/3 of a trekking pole due to an unplanned cornice collapse, 3 toe nails black and gonna fall off eventually, and a stuffy head due to allergies. And still I cried (figuratively) at the thought of having to come home after 2 months of hiking, visiting friends and family, and backpacking. I need to figure out some get rich quick scam so I can do what I want, when I want, and not have to worry about money.

    Day 1 to Island Lake -


    Day 2 to Shangri La -


    Day 3 day hike NF Bull Creek -


    Day 4 to Brown Cliffs lakes -


    Day 5 to Upper Golden lake -


    Day 6 to lower Pole Creek -


    Day 7 to Elkhart Park -

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    Very nice. I did almost the same exact loop in reverse in 2013. Probably my favorite backpacking trip. There are some areas I definitely want to go back to someday on that loop.
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    I suspect we all feel that way :)
    Great photos
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    I love that "still I cried" part. We always forget the hard part and remember all the experiences, don't we?
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    Purdy, purdy, purdy!
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    I thought about that, but was unsure of conditions on Knife Point "Glacier". Would have rather been skunked trying to go down it and having to adjust plans, than having to turn around and go out the same way after 4 days just to get there. pretty country for sure.
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    Definitely makes me think I need to add the Winds to my bucket list...
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    We actually ended up taking a long and strange all rock route instead of going up knife point glacier. it may have been unnecessary, but we almost got turned back by an ice field in bloody hell pass. ended up doing some solid scrambling around that so we didn't even try knife point glacier. it did all work out in the end.
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    Very nice! Beautiful pictures!