40 years of Wandering the Wind's


Desert Rat-Weekend Warrior
Jun 7, 2012
No need to apologize for quality!!

Those are some really remarkable shots. I love the giant glaciers in some of the earlier ones.

Would love to see/hear more about any of these trips.

Chuck the Mauler

Formally known as "kcwins"
Aug 20, 2014
Thanks for posting this here @SwimsWithTrout . I've seen it before and still watch when I come across it. You have always been the person I have deferred to or sent my friends and thru hikers to when it comes to anything Winds related. Glad to see you show up over here at BCP. Don't be a stranger.


I walk
Jun 25, 2012
Very, very nice SWT. I enjoyed the martial music with the trumpet ending.

I have 30 years in the Windies as well with 2/3 of it climbing. It would be great to get together for a drink and tell war stories. There are others here of similar experience there but not too many climbers. You have some company in this place of Wind River wilderness travelers.

To that end, I do a lot of backcountry off-piste travels in the Winds nowadays - more so than rock climbing. I have segued for various reasons not least of which it is so painful to get a big climbing pack into the big walls anymore for these old bones. I am planning on walking down Glasshopper glacier this summer and wondered if you had. I am getting conflicting reports on the objective danger from Pallister and others.


Nov 26, 2015
Awesome! Thanks so much for posting your 40 years in the Wilds......Hard to believe it has been almost 20 years since I spent a week climbing in that amazing palce.
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