wind rivers

  1. Nick

    The Cirque of The Towers

    This is part 2 of our 4-day trip in the Big Sandy area over the July 4th weekend. If you didn't catch the first part, you can find it below: Part 1: The Temple Part 2: The Cirque Here's a map showing the entire route. After our two nights looping up through the Temple, we were heading...
  2. Nick

    The Temple - Wind Rivers

    I've really been slacking on getting a trip report up for this. Here I am getting ready to head out on another trip to the Winds and I'm not even done processing photos from the last! I guess I've been slacking all around on BCP lately. We just finished a 3+ month renovation on our house and now...
  3. Jen

    Wind River Range - Baptiste and Lonesome Lakes Loops

    I ended up with an unexpected week off after other travel plans fell through, and I couldn't think of anything more wonderful to do with my time than cross off a bucket list location - the Wind River Range. I had been reading trip reports on it and seeing gorgeous pictures for a while so decided...
  4. Bob

    Wind River Range Traverse

    All this talk about the Winds got me going to finish my video. Started our trip at the Sweetwater TH at the south end and finished at the Green River Lakes TH, 13 days and 115 miles later. Goal was to stay as near the Continental Divide ridge as reasonably as possible, mostly off trail. An epic...
  5. HomerJ

    Wind Rivers 2007

    I've been debating on whether or not to share this trip for a long time. This is the trip that got me into backpacking. While it was the most physically challenging trip I've ever been on (part of that being my first trip and being out of shape), and yet it was also the most awarding! I just...
  6. Antlerking

    Titcomb Basin - Wind Rivers 2012

    Here are a few photos from our trip into Titcomb Basin this past August. HomerJ has already posted a great TR so I'll just add a bunch of photos. Enjoy Featured image for home page:
  7. lostlandscapes

    Beaver Park, Wind River Range: Sept. 1-3

    Over the Labor Day weekend, drclef, Nick S. and I headed back up north together. This time, to the Green River Lakes region in the northern Wind River Range. Our goal for the weekend was to basecamp in Beaver Park and spend a couple of days exploring the legendary Green River just a few miles...
  8. HomerJ

    Wind Rivers - Worthen Meadows

    To experience the Wind Rivers you need to backpack them. That being said, welcome to my car camping TR of the Winds! Ha! Originally this trip was going to be a backpacking trip to the Wind Rivers. The plan was to go in at Big Sandy and then head north and camp at Shadow Lake. Then at the...
  9. HomerJ

    Wind Rivers - Titcomb Basin

    PROLOGUE: Titcomb Basin has been on my "to see" list for a pretty much ever since I started backpacking. So when my buddy called me up and said he's going into Titcomb this year I jumped at the chance! We set it up for Wednesday through Sunday. As things got closer people started to drop out and...
  10. Nick

    Stough Creek Lakes, Wind Rivers

    Ndheiner and I decided we needed to start knocking out at least one epic Wind River backpacking trip each summer if we are ever going to have any chance of seeing it all before our knees give out. So this year, we decided on 4 days to the Deep Creek Lakes area east of Wind River Peak. We drove...
  11. lostlandscapes

    Wind River Range: Big Sandy/Deep/Cirque/Texas Loop

    On July 24th my girlfriend and I set off to spend 6 days exploring (from what we could gather) some of the finer (if not most popular) terrain in the Wind River Range. It was the maiden voyage for both of us to this spectacular, glacially scoured alpine paradise. Moving to Utah two years ago...
  12. uintahiker

    Backpacking for Golden Trout in Wyoming

    Originally posted on my website at Back in early January I had my annual performance review with my boss. Part of the performance review includes setting both personal and business goals for the upcoming year. One of my personal goals was to catch a...
  13. Aldaron

    Cirque of the Towers

    I just got back yesterday from three days in the Winds with my brother. He flew in from Tennessee to do some climbing with a couple of friends, and I convinced him to do a couple of nights backpacking before the climbing started. We started from the Big Sandy Trailhead on Thursday after he...
  14. Deadeye008

    Southeastern Winds Trip

    I was able to get up to the Winds this last weekend for a few days. I had originally planned to go to a place out of the Elkhart Park TH but my dad and one of his buddies had wanted me to take them up to catch some Goldens so I found a place that was a bit shorter hike and where we could ride...
  15. Nick

    Cook Lakes Loop, Wind Rivers

    My birthday is in early July so every year I like to try to plan a nice trip to the high country over it. Typically it's been a trip to the Uintas but ever since my first trip to The Wind River Range last August, I've been dreaming of The Winds. To further change things up, I was able to...
  16. HomerJ

    Wind Rivers 2008 - Big Sandy

    8-13-08 to 8-16-08 Having just spent 4 days backpacking the Unitas and only having 3 days to get ready for this trip I almost bagged it and didn't go. Luckily for me, my buddy was going and I knew he'd back out if I did as he didn't know most of the others that well. So I went and was very...
  17. HomerJ

    Wind Rivers 2009 - Big Sandy

    We went in at the same trail head (Big Sandy) as we did last year, but we went past Big Sandy Lake to Clear Lake and camped above it. The trail is relatively easy going except for a few short steeper areas. The bad part is, is that we all thought we needed more food than we did and had close to...
  18. HomerJ

    Wind Rivers 2010: Cook Lakes

    8-14-10 to 8-18-10 Sunday: Day 1 - Elkhart Park to Pole Creek Lake We left the trail head around 9:30 and started hiking. After about 3 miles of hiking I was getting blisters on the back of my heals from my new boots. I was debating about turning around because we were going in 15+ miles and I...
  19. Nick

    Wind Rivers: Temple Lake Loop

    August 2011 The Wind River Range is a place I've been wanting to visit for quite some time. It's only about 4-1/2 hours from my house so I can't really explain what took me so long. I guess it was just easier to keep hitting things from my list in the Uintas. But I was determined to make it up...

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