Wind Rivers - Big Sandy


Jan 19, 2012
For our yearly Wind River trip @Antlerking, Travis and I decided to go into Big Sandy. This would be my 3rd time into this area, previous times being 2008 and 2009. I usually don't like going back to the same location as there are too many places to see, but this year we had planned to hike up onto the continental divide of Black Joes and the up to Little el Capitan just north of Wind River Peak. Also, there were a few lakes (Temple, Miller) in the Big Sandy area that I hadn't been to that I planned on visiting. Unfortunately the daily thunderstorms prevented us from trying for Little el Capitan, but I did get to see some new country and I had an absolute blast so it was worth it. I didn't want to leave and I was ready to go back the next day when I got home. It usually takes about a week for that to happen! Maybe I can get one more trip in to the Winds this year, though it looks doubtful...

Anyway, since I already reported on this area twice I'll just share some pics from this trip!

Big Sandy Lake with Haystack Mtn in the background

Not much wild flowers this year. These were the only ones worth photographing.

Night shot looking up Deep Canyon. You can see Clear Lake below in the trees.

Looking north from Deep Creek into the Cirque

This is my favorite hike in all of the Wind Rivers!

Deep Lake with East Temple and Steeple Spire

Deep Lake looking toward the Cirque

Travis fishing Deep Lake

@Antlerking with the only fish we caught out of Deep Lake. The fishing this year was the worst I've ever experienced in the Winds.

View from above Deep Lake looking into the Cirque

Lunch time!

Temple Lake

Water fall above Miller Lake

Miller Lake

@Antlerking and Travis fishing Miller Lake. You can see the waterfall just barely.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake and East Temple Peak

And the scenic drive home! (just out side of Farson, WY) You'd never think something so ugly was right next to such a beautiful place as the Winds!

Featured image for home page:
Feb 11, 2012
wow. i love the deep -> temple look circuit.

quality photos. IMO, you nailed it in the photos titled "Deep Lake looking toward the Cirque" and "Travis fishing Deep Lake". whether you intended too or not, caputuring the hues of the waters in said photos without comprimising the rest of the image is full of win. not forced, but subtle.

...but I did get to see some new country and I had an absolute blast so it was worth it. I didn't want to leave and I was ready to go back the next day when I got home.

this resonates with me. thanks for sharing.


The mountains are calling and I must go
Mar 31, 2013
The green of Temple Lake is mesmerizing. Whatever it is - the colors that your
photos bring out is . . . delicious!:hungry:


Mountain Carver
Feb 19, 2012
"The fishing this year was the worst I've ever experienced in the Winds."

I didn't find the fishing in this particular area to be good when I went a few years back. I wonder if these lakes in this area get quite a lines thrown at them? Black Joe was OK, but the others were spotty or tiny tiny ones.

Thanks for TR


Aug 9, 2007
Sweet man! I could never get tired of this part of the Winds. I haven't heard much about that little el cap feature but I've been thinking East Temple needs to get a visit the next time I'm out there. FWIW, the fishing up there has never really been great on my visits. One exception at Temple Lake between storms when I couldn't keep them off the line but they were all tiny. Anyone know if the Winds get aerial stocked like the Uintas or are they just running off of natural reproduction?


Jan 19, 2012
Ya, East Temple is definitely on my bucket list!

I know they stock some lakes, but not sure which ones or how. I bet @Deadeye008 will know...
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