1. Laura

    Fall in Aravaipa Canyon

    Hello, it's me, it's been a long, long time ......... I actually have a backcountry trip to write about. It was a photography workshop through Arizona Highways PhotoScapes in Aravaipa Canyon with Shane McDermott. I didn't know anything about Shane except that he's a contributor for Arizona...
  2. cmgz

    Kanab Creek via Kwagunt Hollow and Jumpup

    My son had put in for permits for North Bass but nope didn't get them so we decided to try another route for our fall Grand Canyon fix. Starting out by driving in the evening to Sowats point. We had an evening of car camping with a surprise sprinkle of rain then woke up in the morning to start...
  3. rich67

    A Little Drive Up Schnebly Hill (Sedona)

    I'm a little delayed in posting this, and this is not some "hardcore" off-road adventure, but back in early August I took a quick trip out west to Sedona and Lake Powell, and hit Schnebly Hill Road one evening for some pictures and some fun on the rocks with my kids. Schnebly Hill starts off...
  4. Devin Ashby

    Paris River Canyon - Buckskin Gulch March 2015

    In March 2015 for one of my required classes at UVU for the Outdoor Recreation Management Major, we took a 6 day backpacking trip down the Paria River Canyon. I know a lot of people have done this route before and it's super popular, but the conditions of this trip are what made it so memorable...
  5. Dave

    Havasupai, June 9-13 2015

    Bucket lists are confounding things. Some people fill them full of wishes that will go forever unfulfilled. Others voraciously tackle each item in course, eliminating the sense of a life unlived long before reaching retirement. As a pragmatist, I've never seen much use for bucket lists. Death...
  6. cmgz

    Grand Canyon-Bill Hall Trail to Thunder River and Deer Creek

    Last week three of us did a lollipop loop of about 27 miles. Starting from the Bill Hall Trail at Monument Point, North rim. The week had been rainy and we still weren't convinced of clearing. The original plan was to car camp on the trail head road the night before but it was rainy and cold...
  7. Nick


    I was never that interested in seeing the Grand Canyon. It's like it was too hyped up or something. So many people flocking to the edge of an abyss to stare off into... what? A big canyon? The pictures are pretty and all, but it just never struck me as some place I had to go to NOW. Hiking and...
  8. Howells Outdoors

    Backpacking through Paria Canyon

    I need to play catch up on my Backcountry Posts! This was originally posted on the Deuter Blog, because I’m an ambassador (their backpacks are AMAZING). There is nothing better than heading out into new backcountry. Actually there is something better: when the location exceeds all your...
  9. o2bav8

    Southern Utah Trip

    In a desperate attempt to escape the searing of Phoenix, AZ I planned a 9 day trip to southern Utah. Cooler than usual temps lead me to Lone Rock campground where I got to test out my Aquaglide inflatable kayak. Found some really choppy water at first but the kayak proved to be quite stable...
  10. Vegan.Hiker

    Desert noobs visit Zion and the North Rim

    Zion National Park, UT and the North Rim, AZ June 25th-30th, 2015 I normally prefer to travel solo on my hiking trips with the main exception being when my wife is able to join me. So when Tyne said her work schedule would allow her 5 days to hike with me this June, I jumped at the opportunity...
  11. ram

    Bypass My A** ....Tanner Wash, Grand Canyon 2-20-09

    I now know how to integrate pictures with some of my stories....So periodically I will put the two parts together as one, here on BC. This wild day from 2009 Bypass My Ass by Ram This is a story of a FULL day in the Grand Canyon in February 2009. ‹› ‹› ‹› For many years February had been a...
  12. cmgz

    Paria River- White House to Lee's Ferry

    The weather was threatening to cancel us in the days before but luckily cleared and we spent 3 nights in the Paria last week. Spring flowers were great. Enjoyed seeing how the canyon unfolded on it's way to the Colorado. The first 7 miles to Buckskin confluence. Slide Rock Buckskin...
  13. Scott Chandler

    Spring at Toroweap

    4/12/15 It had been a while since I had been out to Toroweap Overlook on the Grand Canyon. I've always thought it was one of the coolest views around and with my newfound obsession about the big ditch I wanted to see it again. So I mentioned it to my dad and convinced my brother to quote "sit...
  14. cmgz

    South Canyon

    South canyon hike to the Grand Canyon. A steep and rocky hike to a beautiful set of beaches and Vasey's Paradise. I was staying one night. Kept my pack-an ultralight-to 20 lbs with a gallon of water fully loaded. I was really glad as there were scrambles which would have been difficult with...
  15. ram

    Cove Canyon-A 4 day Grand Canyon Adventure 2/8-11/15

    Cove Canyon So when it landed that just two of us were going to be able to go down Cove Canyon in Grand Canyon, we hesitated and considered other options. I am proud to still be toughing it out on the adventure circuit and I think Jenny is too....but this canyon required a 60m rope and then the...
  16. Bob

    West Clear Creek Ruins

  17. Bob

    Shaman's Panel

    Short hike we did in 2007 to some of the best around: Featured image for home page:
  18. Bob

    Little Colorado River Gorge - Epic Canyon Hike, some Pics

    Way back in 1998, before digital cameras, before lightweight stuff was invented, before packrafts ...... we were one of the few pioneers to through hike from Cameroun, AZ and out to Desert View in GCNP. Very few places to get out.
  19. Scott Chandler

    Cottonwood Cove

    Sandstone can be downright weird... 01/17/2015 About a year ago my dad had visited the Coyote Buttes South special permit area, specifically the Pawhole Trailhead. While it was neat, he had heard that the Cottonwood Cove TH had far better. Rivals The Wave better. But he despaired, for the...
  20. IntrepidXJ

    Wave Winter Wonderland

    New Year's Day | Thursday, January 1, 2015 Welcome to my first trip report of 2015, and what an adventure it was! This was a fun trip report to write, not because the photos are necessarily great, but because it was a fun day in unique conditions. This may have been my tenth visit to Coyote...

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