the maze

  1. TrailScot

    10 days in The Maze - April 2019

    ----------------------------------- A trip from one year ago, before the current Coronavirus crisis. ----------------------------------- "Oh my goodness ... my boots, my boots ... I'm not wearing my boots !" I shouted at the driver to please not leave, just yet. I was sitting in the shuttle...
  2. ramblinman

    The Maze in March

    A couple weeks back myself, @scoags, and another friend made the long drive out to Utah from Illinois. We had planned a similar trip for the previous year that had to be cancelled at the last minute, so anticipation was high. We arrived at Horseshoe Canyon in the late afternoon with the plan of...
  3. b.stark

    Maze 2017-But seriously, where are Steve's gummy bears?

    I'm stealing a bit of Brian's thunder here, but hey I have more spare time than him, so here goes nothing: In April of this year, I was invited along on a trip to the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, UT. The Grand Canyon last year got my interest up in desert...
  4. Nick

    The Maze III

    My first trip to The Maze was in 2011. We took two Tacomas on the 4WD route through Teapot Canyon and spent several nights in The Land of Standing Rocks, including a night backpacking in the canyons. The following year I took a jet boat in from Moab and spent 4 days and 38 miles backpacking from...
  5. Cool Danish

    Southern Utah Expedition 2014 – Canyonlands, Sandstone and more.

    This is my first Trip Report here on Backcountry Post. I thought it was time to try to give a little back, since a majority places I visited stemmed from all the excellent TRs on this awesome site. For some years now I have had a yearly tradition to travel around the Southwest with my best...
  6. IntrepidXJ

    Maze Memorial Weekend II

    The Orange Cliffs Unit | Memorial Day Weekend Friday - Monday, May 22-25, 2015 Since we had a great trip to The Maze District of Canyonlands National Park during last year's Memorial Day Weekend, we decided to go back again this year and spend a few nights at a few different campsites so we...
  7. mattvogt7

    Canyonlands Three District Tour

    Original trip report can be found at I also deeply apologize about the length on this one! "Revealing my deepest thoughts to a visitor one evening, I was accused of being against civilization, against science, against humanity. Naturally I was flattered.... With his help I...
  8. Kullaberg63

    circling horseshoe/millard via bike and packraft

    3 day solo trip from mid March, 2015. 175 miles of mostly dirt roads; some well known to BP readers, others nearly extinct. I also encountered a section of difficult moto track at the north end. The packraft portions were merely river crossings from one road head to another. As is usual with...
  9. Joey

    Enjoying the Maze, April 2015, Part 2 Days 6 - 10

    This is part 2 of my trip. Days 6 through 10. You can view the first part here: You can also watch the trip video here: Day 6. This was a pretty mellow day, but some wonderful views. We packed up camp...
  10. Joey

    Enjoying The Maze, April 2015, Part 1, Days 1-5

    This is a 10 day backpacking trip I did in the Maze section of Utah's Canyonlands National Park. April, 2015. Lots of pictures. I'm going to split it up into 2 parts. This part is days 1 through 5. Part 2 is here...
  11. Kullaberg63

    Circling Pete's Mesa, among other things.

    For the 2015 spring break outing with my wife and kid we again went to the Maze. The plan was an attempt to retrace a complicated and remote route Sonja first did solo 24 years ago. Over the years she has been reminiscing about the experience she had back then, weaving in and out of canyons...
  12. Parma

    Canyonlands Packrafting Trip

    Big thanks to @steve and @Tess for inviting me on this trip, and @Backcountry Post for the forum to allow people like me to meet up with them, or else I never would have experienced this amazing trip. @Mike K and Lane missed out on a good one! This was my first multi-day trip in Canyonlands...
  13. Ross

    Six days in The Maze (with some Arches to warm up)

    Ever since enjoying several days in the Needles 12 years ago, I've wanted to see Canyonlands on the other side of the Colorado, and last fall I finally spent 6 days in The Maze. But before heading into the Maze we had an afternoon to kill and so we headed into Arches and caught sunset at...
  14. Joey

    Canyonlands's Maze and Fins Loop

    This is my trip video for an 8 day backpacking trip I did into the Maze and Fins sections of Canyonlands National Park. I wrote a trip report for it here: . But my pictures don't show up anymore (a Facebook...
  15. Bob

    Maze - Canyonlands

    A longloop trip we did in 2007, started down a interesting access road: Featured image for home page:
  16. steve

    The Maze

  17. Kullaberg63

    Ernie's Country and the Fins Trail

    As the first snow falls here in Moab on this November evening I am relieved Sonja and I made it out of the Maze yesterday after exploring Ernie's country and the Fins Trail. The three days we were gone also marks the first time our teenage son was alone at home, managing school, his sustenance...
  18. Kullaberg63

    Devil's Slide to Horsethief Canyon; a northern Maze district packraft loop

    Managed to squeeze in an overnight trip with my kid this weekend. We started by leaving the car at the top of the Mineral Bottom switchbacks and pedaling down to the White Rim. After a while we stashed the bikes and paddled our packrafts down to Millard Bottom. This took most of the morning, as...
  19. Joey

    8 Days In The Maze, Canyonlands NP

    Here is a report from a solo trip I did in early May, 2014. I backpacked into the Maze starting from (and finishing) at the North Point Road, near the Hans Flat Ranger station. The most memorable part of this trip (although not at that moment) was a 24 hours span of rain during which I witnesses...
  20. IntrepidXJ

    Maze Memorial Weekend

    Memorial Day Weekend | Friday - Monday, May 23-26, 2014 It's been over three years since I have been to the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park and I have been wanting to get back. Earlier this year I decided to try out Canyonlands' new online permit system and got a permit for a few...