Maze - Canyonlands


Mar 3, 2013
A longloop trip we did in 2007, started down a interesting access road:

03_06 018.jpg
03_06 036.jpg
03_06 047.jpg
03_06 063.jpg
03_06 074.jpg
03_06 082.jpg
03_06 102.jpg
03_06 124.jpg
03_06 125.jpg
03_06 134.jpg
03_06 139.jpg
03_06 144.jpg
03_06 152.jpg
03_06 171.jpg
03_06 179.jpg
03_06 189.jpg
03_06 207.jpg
03_06 214.jpg
03_06 244.jpg

Featured image for home page:


Aug 9, 2007
Words or no words, this is awesome. I'm so happy you found a hard drive full of photos or whatever. This shot is particularly awesome:



Mar 3, 2013
Hehe ................ I have a few more kicking around to post. As long as I don't have to narrate I'll post pics, can't remember particulars on most. Maybe Joey will narrate, he did good on the Bechler one :) I will work on GPSr logs next.

I have film photos (if anyone knows what they are) to scan still as well for trips.


Sep 12, 2014
@Bob i'll take every trip report like this you've got


Mar 3, 2013
Any questions on routes I have most logged as gpx files. If anybody wants for ideas where to go. Just ask, I'll try to get most in resources eventually.

Tye Dye Twins

Sep 30, 2014
Never been down to the maze but I have always wanted to! What a cool trip!!


Feb 1, 2014
Great pictures! A hike in the Maze is on the bucket list.
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