the maze

  1. IntrepidXJ

    Into the Maze

    The Maze and the Mesa | Day 0: Change of Plans? Friday, April 8, 2011 As you might have seen in this post before I left on this trip, there was some real concern about the government shutting down and closing Canyonlands National Park. The night before I was set to leave, I stayed up to see...
  2. Ranger Joe

    The Great Western Expedition of 2011, pt3...The Maze

    Greetings again, and welcome to the third episode of the Great Western Expedition of 2011. Today, we head for The Maze. We have a framed map of Canyonlands hanging on the angled ceiling above our bed. It's been there ten years. That's how long I've been looking at the area called The Land of...
  3. Nick

    Canyonlands: The Maze, Spring 2011

    April 2011 From the moment I first read Desert Solitaire, I knew I had to go to The Maze. It's a short chapter of that book and Abbey really just scratched the surface of what was out in this 'Terra Incognita'. A night at the Maze overlook followed by a pretty intense rappel/hike down into The...