1. hikeer

    Beartooths - Island Lake to the Beaten Path

    My daughter and I spent six days in the Beartooths in early August hiking from Island Lake cross country, eventually intersecting the Beaten Path, which we followed North as far as Impasse Falls, then back out the Path to the Clarks Fork trailhead. Flew into Billings on Wednesday late...
  2. P

    Beartooths, Becker Lake

    For the third year in a row, we did a librarian hike. We're down to two of us, but we still went for our three day hike. This year Nancy wanted to get back to a spot where she had hiked with her son, Becker Lake, so off we went. The trailhead is at Island Lake, on the Beartooth Highway. We...
  3. LarryBoy

    Off the Beaten Path - Five Days in the Beartooth Range

    [Note - this post was originally written for my blog, in which I wax the purple at great length, boring everybody except my family. Thus the vast amount of background, which may be unnecessary for this audience. Also they're cell phone pictures and I'm no photographer. But figured I'd post a...
  4. b.stark

    A Very Late Beartooth Report

    Finally posting a very long overdue trip report from a 6-day hike in the Beartooths in August. I've put off making any sort of trip report for this one because it just wasn't a very enjoyable trip for me overall. The route itself was OK, save for one part which about did me in, and that part...
  5. John Goering

    Beartooth Mountains, Lake Plateau

    We did this trip July 26 through August 1st. It began by a rendezvous at the Bozeman, MT I90 rest area 8:00 am on the 26th. We caravan-ed the remaining portion, hitting Swingly Road out of Livingston, down the West Boulder River to MT 298 just south of McLeod, and then MT 298 and FS 6639 to...
  6. John Goering

    Beartooth's Hellroaring Plateau

    This area is nice for either a short backpack trip or a day hike. Access is off of US 212, approximately 9 miles south of Red Lodge, Montana. The turn off is right at the bottom of the switchbacks out of Rock Creek past the FS Parkside and Limberpine camp grounds and after crossing the creek...
  7. John Goering

    Beartooth's Goose Lake area

    This was a late July 2012 trip consisting of my wife, I, and a couple of friends we have been backpacking/Jeeping with for 4 decades. As far as Beartooth trips go, we wimped out on this one. Like more than a few of our adventures, this one combined off-roading with a lot of hiking. In this...
  8. John Goering

    Beartooth loop

    My wife and I did a loop in the Tooth's last summer starting and ending at the Chief Joseph trail head just east of Cooke City. We utilized the Russell Creek trail, camping the first night between Ouzel and Bald Knob Lakes. Day 1 Broadwater River 100 yards from the trail head. Kersey Lake...
  9. Aldaron


    Well, I'm a little behind on my trip reports, so here's one from a trip I took to the Beartooths at the end of August 2012. My wife and I had planned to take a three day weekend to hike a 14er in Colorado. However, Tracy was pretty shot from the weekend before at Spider Lake, and I had a long...

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