dirty devil

  1. Kullaberg63

    Dirty Devil home brewed 'overland route' March 2024

    Inspired by our late fall walk of Allen’s Escalante Overland we designed a route of similar scope centered around the Dirty Devil river. 125 miles long it took twelve days from hwy 95 just south of Hanksville to end of the Orange Cliff’s road near Hite. The desert ‘overland’ idea as seen in...
  2. Dave John

    Sam's Mesa Box/NOLS Exit/Twin Corral Loop-Rest of Story

    Pictures first. Then narration below. I'm trying to fill in some gaps left wide open from previous hikers - namely the Coconato/Sys trip and the descriptions by M. R. Kelsey in his guidebook, Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau 6th edition. This is the first major drop of the Wingate...
  3. Kullaberg63

    Angel to Burr. Dirty Devil packraft/backpack

    Quick overview: Last weekend in Feb, 2016, with my son and his buddy. Three days. Easy hike down to put in, with a spring nearby. Maybe 3 miles. Water level 100-120 cfs. Lots of hunting for the deeper channels. Some wading. In and out of the boat a lot. Still fun. Excellent hiking in No...
  4. Joey

    Sams Mesa/Twin Corral Box Canyons Loop from Burr Point

    This is a 4 day backpack I did earlier this week. We started at Burr Point, dropped down to the Dirty Devil River, and headed up Sams Mesa Box Canyon. We climbed out of that, and dropped into Twin Corral Box Canyon. Then we headed back down to the Dirty Devil, and climbed back up to Burr...
  5. Blake Merrell

    Poison Fest!

    What happens when you gather 8 people to do 3 canyons in one day? POISON FEST! As I think about this trip I am amazed. This group consisted of 8 people. 3 of whom I have never met before. 1 who came from out of state and even one who came from out of the country! Brett drove 8+ hours from New...
  6. hatchcanyon

    Poison Spring Canyon (1998)

    I was asked about pictures from Poison Spring Canyon. There are old slides from 1998 and around 2000 and digital images from 2013. The last ones are still undeveloped . Here are the old scanned images with only littel comments. Poison Spring Canyon - at the beginning near UT 95...
  7. mattvogt7

    Packrafting the Dirty Devil, March 2014

  8. Magic_Hour

    Happy Canyon Backpacking - Utah

    A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and decided to check out a place that has been on my list for some time, Happy Canyon. Just like most folks, due to the remoteness of the canyon I unfortunately only had a couple of hours to shoot the narrows before I had to...
  9. Jammer

    Boulder Mountain → Moab Hike

    Well... after putting together the video for my Boulder Mountain to Moab hike back in May, things got a little crazy for me and I didn't follow up with a full trip report. With 2013 winding down, I made myself sit down and put it all together this past weekend. The 18-day, 283-mile hike was...
  10. Jammer

    Boulder to Moab Hike Video

    I've been pretty sidetracked since finishing my Boulder to Moab hike several weeks ago so I haven't had a chance to post much about my trip. But, I'm finally getting to that point. I ended up doing the videos before doing the actual trip report this time. So... I'll let you pick your pleasure...
  11. IntrepidXJ

    Happy Canyon & Poison Springs

    Friday - Sunday, April 5-7, 2013 The Original Trip Report on ADVENTR.CO After work on Friday I headed back into Utah to meet a few friends in Poison Springs Canyon so that we could hike to Happy Canyon on Saturday and then spend some time visiting a few rock art sites on Sunday. I quickly...
  12. Artemus

    The Devil and a Flash Flood

    This TR documents a backpack down Poison Springs to the Dirty Devil and back out. Why Poison Springs given that it has a dirt road down it that even crosses the Devil and ascends out of the canyon on the other side to the east? I chose there because I had never been there and hoped that the road...
  13. lostlandscapes

    Lost Spring Canyon, Robbers Roost

    The day after Nick, langutah, neiloro and I scraped through the mesmerizing depths of Larry Canyon, we set our sights on one of Larry's neighbors: the north fork of Lost Spring Canyon, a lesser traveled and more mysterious slot in Robbers Roost. What we hoped would be the perfect "Sunday canyon"...
  14. lostlandscapes

    Larry Canyon, 11/17/12

    nick, langutah, neiloro and I took advantage of some mild autumn weather and visited the Roost for a little mid-November canyoneering. Larry Canyon was first up on the menu, and it'd be the maiden voyage for the whole crew. Not oblivious to public opinion, our hopes were high for this descent...
  15. gloo

    Poison Springs: Arscenic, Constrychnine & Slideanide

    I know that I'm not very good at writing TR's and I feel really guilty. I'm not even that good at keeping up on here in genral. But I feel like I owe a few TR's so when I'm trying *not* to study I'll try to catch up. I got invited on a last min trip to hit some canyons. I was originally going...
  16. regehr

    Happy Canyon

    Is it OK to just post a link here? If not I'm sure people will let me know. This is a quick report about a 5-day backpacking trip into middle/upper Happy Canyon in March 2012: http://blog.regehr.org/archives/693