Angel to Burr. Dirty Devil packraft/backpack


Mar 6, 2014
Quick overview:

Last weekend in Feb, 2016, with my son and his buddy. Three days.
Easy hike down to put in, with a spring nearby. Maybe 3 miles.

Water level 100-120 cfs. Lots of hunting for the deeper channels. Some wading. In and out of the boat a lot. Still fun.

Excellent hiking in No Man's and Larry's.

Set off most of a day for the Burr Point exit. Incredible hike. 7 miles.

Lacking two cars so we did a bike shuttle. 18 miles of easy riding, avoiding the highway.

DSC04663 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
Great!! The Burr Point Exit is so cool. I also really love the Angel Point Hike, I've been to it a few times.

We did a long overland route with @Artemus backwards of this, lots of spicy routes up and out of canyons. Loved Larry and No man's too!
@Kullaberg63 , great stuff! Would love to see more pics. Curious on a couple things. Did you find any good water sources close to the Dirty up either Larry or No Man's? Also, you mention you were in and out of the boat a lot due to the current low levels. About how many miles do you think you could put in at the current CFS? Do you think it's possible to make most of those river miles in one day at those levels? Or is there no chance of that due to all of the in and out? Considering doing that same route but as an overnighter pretty soon here. Thanks!
Without day hikes it could be an overnighter. We paddled for 10-12 hours i think. The focus needed to follow the deep (1'+) water for that long might be rather straining.

Currently flowing water is only minutes up either canyon.
The pics:

dirty16 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
The boys waking up the Angel TH

dirty15 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
Down to the river

dirty14 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
Getting clear cold water in Angel Cove. Never mind the dead duck we fished out first

dirty13 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr

dirty12 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
Early on, day 1

dirty7 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr

dirty8 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr

dirty10 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
No Man's Canyon

dirty11 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
No Man's Canyon

dirty9 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr

dirty4 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr

dirty6 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
Bottom of Larry's. Another big canyon with excellent hiking and scenery

dirty5 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
On the second day on the river we made to a camp at the mouth of Twin Corral, arriving as the sun set

dirty3 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
The boys harvesting tamarisk for the campfire

dirty2 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr

DSC04703 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
Crossing the river from camp to the hike out

DSC04712 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
On the Great Alcove route up to Burr Pt

hudder by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
Quite a few miles of the trail follow this sloping bench

DSC04725 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
At times it looks the route won't make it

DSC04746 by jan nikolajsen, on Flickr
The little climbing step right before topping out at the point
Not sure if we were behind or ahead. There were very little evidence of recent activity, except way up in Deadman's. Here we found scripples in the sand about 'heading back' or the like, by the big pool.

Do you live in Moab?
Not sure if we were behind or ahead. There were very little evidence of recent activity, except way up in Deadman's. Here we found scripples in the sand about 'heading back' or the like, by the big pool.

Do you live in Moab?
We took out on Saturday AM - it was a slow mellow trip with my folks and a buddy. I bet we weren't far from one another at some point at the slow pace we were traveling. We were out a total of 5 nights and didn't see anyone or a sign of much activity either. Love that place. Great call on the bike shuttle - I wasn't aware you could remain highway free from Burr Point back to Angel Cove - that is so awesome.

I live in Albuquerque but am likely moving to either Cortez or Bluff come October. My buddy that I get out with a bunch lives in Moab, his name is Chad Niehaus and I keep telling him to try and connect with you, haha. When I'm closer and the work life calms down a bit I'd love to grab a beer or something - lots of ideas for packraft-centric trips. Am looking at picking up a scout or a ghost to lighten the load a bit.
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