Lost Spring Canyon, Robbers Roost


rope mule
Jan 17, 2012
The day after Nick, langutah, neiloro and I scraped through the mesmerizing depths of Larry Canyon, we set our sights on one of Larry's neighbors: the north fork of Lost Spring Canyon, a lesser traveled and more mysterious slot in Robbers Roost. What we hoped would be the perfect "Sunday canyon" in the Roost surprised us with numerous physical challenges and a dark, cryptic beauty. We were still car to car in less than 3 hours, but the challenges within those gothic chambers made time feel like it moved at a much slower pace. Several short rappels (one of which was from an old piton) and a plethora of physical, shirt-shredding down climbs and high stemming action kept the blood pumping. Lost Spring Canyon packs a lot of meat onto a small bone.

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Video? A video. Enjoy!

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Tight stuff y'all are wiggling through. nice video. I gotta hand it to you to go for it. How far did you rap off that piton:)
Very nice. Those are some DARK sections in that canyon. Love those short/sweet ones too.