absaroka range

  1. F

    12 days in Wyoming's Teton Wilderness, part 9 of 9, 7-29 & 30, /2022

    SUNFLOWERS We got up early the next morning and broke camp. I finished off my oatmeal and instant coffee, which was a bit disappointing considering that we were only a few miles from Dubois. Since we finished our backpacking trip a day early, we had a full day to kill. We decided to make...
  2. F

    12 days in Wyoming's Teton Wilderness, part 8 of 9, 7/28/2022

    SPANISH CASTLE MAGIC “It's very far away It takes about half a day To get there If we travel by my... Dragonfly No it's not in Spain But all the same You know It's a groovy name And the wind's just right Hey Hang on my darling Hang on if you want to go You know it's really groovy place And...
  3. F

    12 days in Wyoming's Teton Wilderness, part 7 of 9, July 26-27, 2022

    THE GREAT DIVIDE We broke camp early the next day. It was a gorgeous morning, with beautiful clouds. We enjoyed a colorful sunrise and a few final views of the waterfall below. We returned to the trail and headed back east. We made good time until we found ourselves above Lost Creek. This...
  4. F

    12 days in Wyoming's Teton Wilderness, part 3 of 9, 7/20-21, 2022

    TWO OCEAN Wednesday morning was a little warmer, but I still had breakfast up on the hill in the light of the rising sun. We packed up afterwards and hiked back down past North Fork Falls. From there we backtracked another 3 ½ miles to the junction with the North Buffalo Two Ocean Trail /...
  5. scatman

    Pacific Creek, Moss Lake and Gravel Lake - Teton Wilderness - October 7, 2022

    I might have to say that this was the best backpacking trip as far as weather was concerned that I've been on. Temperatures were right around sixty degrees and sunny during the day, with night time lows right around twenty five. My trips to the Teton Wilderness over the Columbus Day Weekend...
  6. scatman

    Teton Wilderness Loop - August 6, 2022

    This report is a complement to @Bob's wonderful write-up Teton Wilderness - 50 Miles of High Country. Originally this was supposed to be a trip to the Beartooths, where we had hoped to complete a lollipop loop into the teeth of the Tooths so to speak. Unfortunately, mother nature had other...
  7. Bob

    Teton Wilderness - 50 miles of High Country - Aug 2022

    After the Yellowstone floods washed out our access to the Beartooth's, Scat had me send him some of the 50M routes I have in my archives...... we settled on a Teton Wilderness route I modified to fit 5 nights. Day started driving to the Trailhead in rain, should say buckets of rain..... but by...
  8. Georgia Yankee

    Snake River; Wolverine, Coulter, Pilgrim Creeks, July-Aug. 2022

    This was to be a “creeks and meadows” trip with swimming holes at each campsite. We came up two days short swimming hole-wise due to poor weather or a late arrival at camp. We had a good time, went through the middle of absolute nowhere, saw some cool wildlife and had one scary encounter. Never...
  9. TheMountainRabbit

    Younts Peak (Teton/Washakie Wilderness) - July 2022

    Ever since last year's trip through the Southern Absaroka, I've been itching to give Younts Peak another shot. Being the not very patient man I am, I made plans to head back out there on my first trip of the summer. I made a post in the Meet Up forum and was fortunate to have @travel2walk and...
  10. Jackson

    Quick day hike in the Montana Absarokas

    June 26, 2022 We've been doing day hikes and trails runs once or twice a week for the past little bit and I thought I'd share the most recent one. This was a little 6 mile loop a bit under an hour from us in the far northern end of the Absarokas. Great lower elevation hike for early summer. We...
  11. TeamJenkins17

    Bonneville Pass - August 2021

    Found these pics from a nice day hike we did this past summer up above Bonneville Pass just outside the Teton Wilderness boundary. It’s definitely beautiful country up there.
  12. TeamJenkins17

    Fox Park-Teton Wilderness Trip

    This summer my wife and I had the incredible opportunity to spend a few weeks in the Fox Park area of the Teton Wilderness exploring and mapping invasive plant species in the GYE. It was by far one of the wildest areas we’ve ever been in and the experience was simply amazing. We started the...
  13. Jackson

    A Fall Foray into the Teton Wilderness

    October 11-14, 2019. This may look familiar to you because @scatman already shared his awesome report from the trip. Here I am a few weeks later to tell just about the same story. We had watched the weather for weeks, hoping that we wouldn't get snowed out. I believe Hugh had actually been...
  14. Georgia Yankee

    Greybull River July 2018

    My wife and I took a week-long trip up the Greybull River into the southeastern Absarokas the last week of July, 2018. We hiked in two days from the Jack Creek campground/trailhead and camped near the confluence of the Greybull River and Cow Creek. We day-hiked from there for three days and...
  15. K

    The Thorofare and the Absaroka Wilderness

    Now for years have been hiking, camping, and wandering in the Thorofare and the Absaroka Mountain Wilderness in Wyoming. For myself the first year I was back in this wild country was several times in the summer of 1982 before the Yellowstone Fires of 1982. Yes there has been changes thru the...
  16. LarryBoy

    Absarokas Fun Route - 12 Days of High Adventure

    In August of 2017, I had the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime - a week and a half in Wyoming's fantastic Absaroka Range. I started at Togwotee Pass and hiked north, ending in Cooke City MT. Note - this is a more "technical" writeup of my trip, with maps, route considerations, and...
  17. Jackson

    Southern Absarokas - Cub Creek and South Buffalo Fork

    August 10-12, 2017 This trip was originally going to be one night longer, at least 12 miles longer, and include a significant portion of the Buffalo Plateau, but we realized those plans were too ambitious. More on that later. I had been planning this trip for the last year after reading trip...