absaroka range

  1. K

    The Thorofare and the Absaroka Wilderness

    Now for years have been hiking, camping, and wandering in the Thorofare and the Absaroka Mountain Wilderness in Wyoming. For myself the first year I was back in this wild country was several times in the summer of 1982 before the Yellowstone Fires of 1982. Yes there has been changes thru the...
  2. LarryBoy

    Absarokas Fun Route - 12 Days of High Adventure

    In August of 2017, I had the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime - a week and a half in Wyoming's fantastic Absaroka Range. I started at Togwotee Pass and hiked north, ending in Cooke City MT. Note - this is a more "technical" writeup of my trip, with maps, route considerations, and...
  3. Jackson

    Southern Absarokas - Cub Creek and South Buffalo Fork

    August 10-12, 2017 This trip was originally going to be one night longer, at least 12 miles longer, and include a significant portion of the Buffalo Plateau, but we realized those plans were too ambitious. More on that later. I had been planning this trip for the last year after reading trip...