coyote gulch

  1. Janice

    Coyote Gulch PLUS

    Incredible Coyote Gulch trip! We are so appreciative of all the info and advice we received here and through other sources online. I won't detail all of our trip, as there are many reports elsewhere about the outstanding scenery in Coyote Gulch, but I wanted to share some special things that...
  2. J

    Big Escalante Backpack Loop: Stevens/Fold/Bobway/Coyote Gulch April 25-30, 2015

    Trip Report with more chronological pics here: It doesn't get better in the desert...... Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Crack in the Wall Route to Coyote Gulch/Escalante River. Up Stevens Canyon complete ascent to Fold Pass. Down...
  3. steve

    Coyote Gulch

  4. DrNed

    Coyote Gulch April 10-12

    After months of planning & prep I got to lead a group of scouts into Coyote Gulch over our Spring Break, April 10-12. I had scoured BCP and several guide books to become familiar with and be totally prepared for this adventure. I mention that because, despite all my preparations, things didn't...
  5. Howells Outdoors

    Coyote Gulch

    One of the great parts of going to school at SUU is being involved with so many outdoor opportunities. I got to help co-instruct the Intro to Backpacking course this semester. The culminating trip for half the students --Leave No Trace was very much a part of the course -- was a trip from...
  6. powderglut

    Return To Coyote Gulch

    We saw some really cool pictures in an Edward Abbey picture book back in winter 1978-79. "This place looks awesome!!" So it goes 34 years ago, I first hiked into Coyote Gulch with my wife and friends, and... yes, a dog. We also had campfires and, the best part.. we had it all to ourselves for 4...
  7. Aldaron

    Coyote Gulch

    Over the weekend of April 19, 2013, I decided to join this year's trend of BCPers hiking Coyote Gulch. I had one friend driving in from Denver who had never been to southern Utah, and another friend flying in from South Carolina. I had debated doing something less popular, but after a scouting...
  8. NAYR

    Coyote Gulch

    First and foremost I'd like to disclaim this to be my very first trip report! What's tough is that there is a much more beautiful report that was just posted before mine :( so you'll have to bare with me! Our route was selected by the our group's trip plan to car camp at Hurricane Wash TH on Day...
  9. Dave

    Coyote Gulch, March 22-24 2013

    My last attempt at an Escalante trip in late March had been met with abject failure. When I asked the time off work this time around I held out hope that conditions would be improved. As the day neared, the forecast did not provide encouragement. Salt Lake City expected snow. A cold front moving...
  10. Ericephoto

    Coyote Gulch via Jacob Hamblin Arch trail and Crack in the Wall

    EE1_8187e by EE Photo, on Flickr You can visit the original post with all the photos HERE on my blog. Coyote Gulch is one of those special places worth returning to. I’d been to the Escalante River years ago and into Coyote Gulch in April 2012, both times leaving me wanting to spend more...
  11. wes242

    First time to Coyote Gulch

    I have been looking at doing this hike for years, but never planned to do it till a few months ago. My wife and I have heard great things about Coyote Gulch so we took some time off to give it a shot. Now there are so many ways that you can do this hike that is the major battle in planning…...
  12. Tyler

    Coyote Gulch, Escalante Utah - 5 year anniversary backpacking trip

    It was our 5 year anniversary and we decided to celebrate it with a backpacking trip in Escalante's Coyote Gulch. We had talked about doing this hike for a long time and we were so happy to finally do it. This was only our 2nd trip to Escalante area (as a couple), but we love going there and...
  13. Nick

    Coyote Gulch Loop

    May 2010 Coyote Gulch, one of the premiere backpacking destinations in the state of Utah. I had always wanted to check it out but no dogs are allowed so for several years I passed it by for the many other dog-friendly canyons in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. But in May, 2010...