Coyote Gulch

Awesome, as usual, especially the shots of the exit. Just curious, why shuttle vehicles for the route you did? Why not just hike overland back to Fortymile Ridge TH?
I think we were just lazy. Plus that's what Yvonne recommended, as she was the only one who had done it before, so we trusted her. :) I'm wondering if it would have been just as quick to hike back to fortymile.
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Great video. Looks like it was a fun trip and also looks like you guys ate like kings. The shots with the glowsticks were really cool.
Thanks. I always eat like a king because @Tess is my chef and plans my meals. She has some incredible backcountry meals.
Great video, thanks for posting. I especially appreciate the footage of the climb up from Jacob Hamlin Arch. I've wanted to exit that way, but I've been a bit intimidated by descriptions of it. It actually looks like something I could manage, though!
Cool. That's one reason I make these videos, so people who haven't done it before can get a good glimpse of what to expect when planning their next trip.
The cawing of the crows at Jacob Hamblin brings back memories of losing my keys in the canyon. We camped at the very same spot hiked down to Coyote Natural Bridge and when we got back the squirrels had pulled our food out of our packs (chewed holes) and the crow were also helping themselves. Not sure who ran or flew off with my keys but it cost me a day of driving (all the way back to Beaver for a new ignition switch) and $300.00 or so. I love watching your videos. Very informational as well as entertaining thanks for putting them together. I will be heading back soon with a extra set of keys of course.
Wow, that's the worst! Great story to tell, but I'm betting it wasn't very funny at the time!
Just thought I'd let you know that we just returned from this same trip. Your post gave me the courage to try the Jacob Hamblin route out of the canyon, and it was great! There were a couple of spots where I needed my husband to give me a hand, though. If I'd been alone I'd probably still be there. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement!