canadian rockies

  1. SteveR

    From The Land Of Ice And Snow

    In mid March we helicoptered into the Campbell Icefield Chalet in the backcountry NE of Golden BC, for our third week of looking after lodge operations this winter. While there are some routine chores, and maintenance responsibilities- we were also there to ski. We had a great week of that in...
  2. SteveR

    Alberta Skiing Weekend

    With above average snowfall coupled with temperatures colder than the norm- it has felt like a long winter here in Alberta. For us skiers, this is of course good news, and we have been taking advantage. Lately however, I have been pining for the warm desert sun that we savoured last October, but...
  3. Jimmy

    BANFF: Fish/Devon Lakes/Pipestone Highline

    In late August, my wife and I headed to the Banff region for 8 days to hike and backpack through the region's ample parks. This included a couple days exploring Glacier National Park of Canada, a 4-day trek in the Pipestone Highline region, and a couple days being tourists. I'll leave out most...
  4. W

    Banff June 2017

    This is a very long post and very photo heavy. I condensed a bit from my blog if you want to see more photos. A mix of dayhikes and car camping and backpacking 6/13 - 6/20/17 (3 nights camping) Dayhikes: Lake Minnewanka, Tunnel Mountain, Lake Agnes Teahouse (Lake Louise), Bow Glacier Falls...
  5. Ben

    Yoho NP, Iceline Trail

    My trip in Yoho National Park was nearly the shortest that i did last summer, but one of the most rewarding. A lot of scenery in a small space. I only spent one night there, and walked probably right about 20 miles. First here's a handful of shots from the Icefield Parkway, as i traveled...
  6. Ben

    Jasper NP - Tonquin Valley

    This was a short trip that did not go quite as i would have liked. I started it after exiting the Skyline Trail, and stopping by the town of Jasper. I had two nights to see Tonquin Valley, with Amethyst Lake, and the Ramparts above. How ever, it rained all of the middle day that i intended to...
  7. Ben

    Jasper NP, Skyline Trail

    I hiked the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park in early August last summer. As trails go, it's a scenic highlight of the area, with most of it's miles above tree line. A little more than 35 miles, i did it with three nights, with the first and last being as close to the trail heads as...
  8. Aldaron

    Skyline Trail - Jasper National Park

    Vacation this year took us up to Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada. I had planned on going in September after the crowds had died down a little, but because of work responsibilities, we had to go in August. The plan was essentially to make the 14+ hour drive from Salt Lake, and then hike...
  9. K

    Wilcox pass

    Wilcox Pass Altitude: 2375 m (7792 ft) Location: 52:14:48-117:13:18 52.2467-117.2217 11U 484864 5788501 NAD27: 11U 484863 5788283 (16 km N of Castleguard meadows). (1 km E of Wilcox Peak). Prominence (depth) is 509m below Wilcox Peak Description: Wilcox Pass is a high open pass east of the...

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