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Sep 22, 2016
In mid March we helicoptered into the Campbell Icefield Chalet in the backcountry NE of Golden BC, for our third week of looking after lodge operations this winter. While there are some routine chores, and maintenance responsibilities- we were also there to ski. We had a great week of that in full-on spring skiing weather, along with the Okanagan section of the Alpine Club of Canada.
Our home for the week is the cabin to the right, with the wood fired sauna at centre.
_1090241 copy 2.jpg
Returning to Campbell Icefield Chalet after the first afternoon of skiing.
_1090003 copy 2.jpg
The weeks routine goes like this. Climb.
_1090011 copy 3.jpg
_1090059 copy 2.jpg
Repeat until tired.
_1090083 copy 2.jpg
A highlight was a tour through a pass and up onto the Campbell Icefield itself, which is one valley over from the basin where the lodge is located.
_1090007 copy 2.jpg
At the Low Col.
_1090123 copy 2.jpg
Onwards towards the icefield.
_1090132 copy 2.jpg
Through the moraines below the toe of the icefield.
_1090133 copy 2.jpg
Lunch break on the High Col, after crossing the south part of the icefield.
_1090142 copy 2.jpg
Time for some powder skiing!
_1090198 copy 2.jpg
120 degree panorama of the icefield.
Untitled_Panorama1-1 copy 2.jpg
Back up, again.
_1090178 copy 2.jpg
Ski some more.
_1090183 copy 2.jpg
_1090334 copy 2.jpg
While conditions were too crusty around the lodge for a moonlight ski, the full moon kept the photographers busy on several evenings.
_1090417 copy 3.jpg
And also made for some good morning images.
_1090423 copy 2.jpg
One day, some of us kept close to home and skied the nearby slopes of Paradise once the refrozen snow softened in the sun.
_1090372 copy 2.jpg
Did I mention the springlike weather with daytime highs of plus 5 to 8 Celsius?
_1090385 copy 2.jpg
Corn snow on south and west aspects, with dry powder still on the high norths in the distance.
_1090392 copy 2.jpg
That was all well and good, but dry powder was the goal for another outstanding tour, to the Bluewater Glacier. We are heading for the low point on the skyline.
_1090250 copy 2.jpg
Looking back from the glacier. Spot the lodge?
_1090256 copy 2.jpg
At the top of the glacier in time for lunch.
_1090265 copy 2.jpg
Views abound- looking over to the icefield, and the white pyramid of Mount Freshfield.
_1090263 copy 2.jpg
Although low angle- the long descent down the glacier was fast and fun. The superb skiing quality called for a repeat run.
_1090463 copy 2.jpg
A telephoto look back from the lodge, at the days work on the glacier.
_1090343 copy 2.jpg
My wife Jo- happy after another great week at the Campbell Icefield!
_1090467 copy 2.jpg
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