Phelps Mountain


Jul 5, 2014
I have a few TR's which I'll try to catch up on. This trip was last winter (Jan., 2017) and it's not all that fresh in my mind anymore, so I'll keep it pretty brief. This was a weekend trip that I took up to the High Peaks region of the northern Adirondacks, NY with my buddy Craig. Despite it being a mild winter, we were expecting snow in the valley on the drive up but there was none to be found. We knew there would be some up a little higher, but we were hoping for a winter wonderland so it was a little disappointing. If I remember correctly, we threw our snowshoes in our packs, but never put them on. This was strictly a microspike affair.

The plan for the first day was to hike up Phelps Mountain which is one of the ADK 46 with a possible attempt at Tabletop Mountain if we had enough daylight. I remember the hike to Phelps being pretty flat and fast going for the first few miles then basically a straight up ascent of 2,000 ft in under 2 miles at the end. We bagged Phelps but bailed on Tabletop Mtn. We got a room a little hiker lodge called the ADK Trail Inn that night and hit up a Mexican restaurant in Lake Placid before ending up at the Lake Placid Brewery for some drinks and the perpetual college hockey which is always on the TV's there. The next morning, we hiked up Porter Mountain, another of the ADK 46. Then headed home.

A look back on the hike up.

Colden on the left, Algonquin and Wright on the right. I have a trip report hiking up those two HERE

Where's Waldo?

following behind Craig


Craig surveying McIntyre range from the summit of Phelps

Retracing our steps back

Dropping back into the steep descent

A pic taken on day 2 from the summit of Porter looking at the Great Range off in the distance. You can read about my failed attempt at the Great Range Traverse HERE. I still have unfinished business over there.


I like to go outside.
May 31, 2015
Those are some great shots with the combination of blue sky, clouds and snow. Looks like an incredible day.

And I don't recall if I've said it already, but it's great to see you back on here. Looking forward to the coming trip reports!


Sep 17, 2014
The Adirondacks inspired the preservation of lands around the world. My time there was limited to outing club trips in May and September a couple of years. Snow/blizzard there in May brought the worst hiking/mountaineering conditions I've ever experienced. It is a wonderful landscape and I thank you for hsaring it again man.


Life really is better Here
Apr 20, 2013
Those are some great shots with the combination of blue sky, clouds and snow. Looks like an incredible day.

And I don't recall if I've said it already, but it's great to see you back on here. Looking forward to the coming trip reports!

Totally Agree!
I know you have been busy... but c'mon! :cool:
To see more from back east is always great!
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