1. ram

    Checkerboard Canyon 5-14-15

    Troy Ayers had done good world for the Coalition of American Canyoneers as a board member and we had a wonderful time in Sad Cow a few years back, so when an invite arrived from him to join a Checkerboard descent, I signed right up. As the date neared, Mark Burnham shared that he was in the...
  2. mak1277

    Trans-Zion Trip Report

    My first trip to Zion…in fact my first hiking trip in Utah at all. I’ve done all of my backpacking in the mid-Atlantic area…land of the long green tunnel. I’d done some day hiking in the Tetons and around Lake Tahoe, but never any overnight trips in the West. Needless to say, I was very...
  3. Tres Westbrook

    The Virgin River Narrows in Zion National Park From The Top Down

    Zion has become my favorite national park. Just a couple years ago I had never even been out to southern Utah. Now we have visited it twice in person and, thanks to the internet, including Backcountrypost.com, I can read trip reports, see photos, and watch videos from Zion trips at will, and...
  4. Scott Chandler

    A Wet Zion

    2/28/15 Another storm was moving through southwestern Utah and as seems the norm this winter I headed towards Zion, this time with my northern friend Richard. We arrived in a drizzle with nice gloomy low clouds. After driving to the end of the main canyon we stopped by Wedding Springs...
  5. ram

    The Watchman 2-12-15

    The Watchman is an iconic mountain in Zion National Park. People line up most evenings at the bridge, in the park to take the picture of it, as the sun sets upon it. It is the mountain displayed on the Backpackers pantry freeze dried dinners and can be found all over the place. Having just...
  6. ram

    Telephone Canyon 12-25-14

    Call of the Wild 12-25-14 A Christmas Day canyon descent in Zion Never again! Never! Never, never again! I swear it! It was just too much of a set up and such a big let down. Oh, oh so close. Heaps for Christmas Day was a dream. Not least of all because I thought I had figured out just how to...
  7. Ugly

    Parunuweap Via Poverty Road 2013

    I have read many trip reports through the years on this site, but figure a report may be the best way to say a belated Hello. Seeing the reports recently about Parunuweap, this seemed a good first trip to share. In October of 2013, during what turned out to be the very last days of the...
  8. Bob

    Paranuweep - Zion NP

    A 2004 trip from Mt Carmel and out at the Powell Plaque: Featured image for home page:
  9. steve

    Kolob Canyon to Hop Valley

  10. Howells Outdoors

    Under Snow and Ice in Kanarraville Falls

    Originally posted on Howellsoutdoors.com January 1, 2015 – (Map Here) The early morning of the hike was cold and the air crisp and frigid. It’s always nice when the air temperature causes your breath to freeze and your beard to get icicles. Hiking up the hill from the parking area was a...
  11. Scott Chandler

    New Year's Snow in Zion

    Seldom does southwest Utah get much snow and even more seldom does that happen over the new year. So when around an inch fell in St George, I headed towards Zion to see what fell there. I must say, it was quite pretty. A couple weeks ago I had driven up the canyon to see crazy low clouds...
  12. Scott Chandler

    Zion in the Mist

    12/14/2014 The first winter storm of the season blew through southern Utah over the weekend. I had a hunch after a whole day of rain on Saturday that Sunday could be a special day over in Zion NP. My alarm was set and the camera battery was charged. When I woke up, I wished I'd set my alarm...
  13. IntrepidXJ

    Angel’s Landing

    Veteran's Day | Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Tuesday was our last morning in Zion before we had to drive back home and we decided to hike to the top of Angel's Landing before leaving. After checking out of our hotel, we drove into the park one last time and were one of the first vehicles at The...
  14. Howells Outdoors

    Frigid in The Subway

    November 15, 2014 – My friends and I decided to do the The Subway–the top-down approach. We thought, “It’ll be cold, but we’ll wear wetsuits and be fine.” Yeah, that trip was fun and all, but it was really COLD! In my personal opinion it wasn’t really worth doing the top-down approach in this...
  15. Howells Outdoors

    Lady Mountain - 2014

    I never posted this on here, but I got to hike Lady Mountain this year with a group of friends from SUU. If you're thinking of hiking Lady Mountain, know that it was probably the most strenuous day hike I've ever done. I have done many of the hikes in the park, but this one takes the cake for...
  16. IntrepidXJ

    The Narrows

    Fall Colors 2014 Monday, November 10, 2014 On Monday morning we woke up before sunrise again so we could get an early start on our hike into The Narrows. I wanted to get an early start in hopes that we might have the canyon to ourselves for at least a little while even if it was pretty cold...
  17. IntrepidXJ

    The Subway and Left Fork

    Fall Colors 2014 Sunday, November 9, 2014 On Sunday morning we were up well before sunrise and on our way up onto the Lower Kolob Plateau to the trailhead for the Left Fork of North Creek. A hike to The Subway is a popular destination in Zion National Park, especially during the fall, and even...
  18. IntrepidXJ

    Return to Zion

    Saturday, November 8, 2014 Even though I haven't spent very much time in Zion National Park, I have always wanted to visit the park during the fall season at the beginning of November. Earlier this year I decided to finally make that trip happen. Diane and I took the Monday before Veteran's...
  19. Scott Chandler

    The Subway 10-28-14

    They say that curiosity kills the cat but it seems that curiosity also finds me canyoneering in Zion. On Sunday I got the fancy to look at the permit system to see how full reservations were and lo and behold there were open permits to visit The Subway. I guess it tis the season for fewer...
  20. Scott Chandler

    Exploring Zion's Kolob

    After a couple weeks of "recuperation" from my summer employment I was going stir crazy from inactivity. One can only bake so much for the family after all! The Kolob section of Zion has been a neglected area of the park for me. I'd been in one of the finger canyons and driven the viewpoint...

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