sierra nevada

  1. Ben

    Yosemite Falls, Panorama Cliff, Tuolomne Grove

    Back in july my girl and i went down to San Francisco to visit her grandparents. On the way there we were able to camp for two nights in Yosemite, and do a little hiking. Not quite as much as i would have liked, but you know, it's never enough. We slept at a rest stop on the way down, and then...
  2. IntrepidXJ

    Mount Whitney

    Top of the Contiguous USA Friday - Tuesday, August 22-26, 2014 Mount Whitney- at 14,508 feet it is the highest mountain peak in the contiguous United States. While I have always thought about climbing to the summit of Mount Whitney at some point in my life, I really had never seriously planned...
  3. klank

    Ahoy shipmates - Onward n Upward to Sailor Lake

    This past weekend I made my first adventure into the Eastern Sierras. For my solo trip this year I chose Sabrina Basin in the John Muir Wilderness. SR 168 runs west on a beautiful paved road out of Bishop, CA. En route to TH there are about 5 campgrounds one could crash if need to acclimate...
  4. Shaverkid

    Trans-Sierra Backpack

    In July 2006 we did a trans-sierra hike through Royce Lakes on the east side over through Bear Lakes Wilderness and out the west side at Bear Creek Trailhead. It was a 3 night trip. Typical great Sierra weather. This is my first post, been watching all of the trip reports for a couple years...
  5. Laura

    Eastern Sierra Getaway

    Stan and I recently celebrated 9 years together by hiking in the Eastern Sierra. Nothing adventurous in this trip, just a lot of relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. The Sierra Nevada has two distinct regions-the Western Sierra, which is very forested and lush because it creates a rain...
  6. klank

    Desolation Wilderness - Summer Solstice 2014

    In May I had planned to solo Velma, Dicks & Fontanillis Lake loop in Desolation Wilderness; near South Lake Tahoe. Before the weekend of trip my sinus infection that has been lingering all winter came back to bite me. So, on the off-chance Mark could head out in June I inquired, with...
  7. klank

    Emerald & Pear Lake - Sequoia National Park - August 3-5, 2013

    Just after the stroke of midnight I set off for Sequoia National Park on my first solo packing adventure. Arriving at Lodgepole Ranger station about an hour early I had time to ponder if my original trip was a bit too much to chew; buddy and I had planned a 5 day trip over Silliman Pass with...
  8. Laura

    Rock Creek Cabins-Eastern Sierra Romantic Getaway!

    Quick little report from the Eastern Sierra. My boyfriend and I found this amazing little place in the Eastern Sierra Nevada about 18 months after we started going out, back in 2005. It's a bunch of cabins at 9,300 feet, ranging from rustic (wood stove, outside showers and bathrooms, bring a...
  9. Jammer

    Mount Langley Summit

    Not sure if this should be backpackacking or hiking... I'll go with backpacking as that's the way I did the trip! Last weekend was time for another "Beyond Utah" hike. It was a fairly short jaunt up to Mount Langley -- a 14er in the southern Sierras. It's a relatively easy summit near Mt...

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