valley of fire

  1. Dave

    La Muerte & El Fuego

    The tale of two valleys: death and fire. Like a million other gullible tourists, I perked up to the talk of a superbloom this spring in Death Valley National Park. The park started promoting the wildflower situation with a video that made the rounds in February. Then every news site in...
  2. Seldom Seen Anderson

    Valley of Fire

    For my birthday this year we ditched the kids and the wife and I went hiking all day! First time we have done that together in years. Initially I was thinking of trying walk in permits for Coyote Buttes South but with changing weather and wanting to see some sunshine we headed to Nevada and the...
  3. Scott Chandler

    5.3.14-The Fire Wave

    I had tickets to attend a concert down in Vegas but of course could not leave that as my only plan for the day. 100 degree temperatures just days after being in 50s up in SLC truncated my original plan to spend a day exploring Valley of Fire into an hour seeing "The Fire Wave." Despite the...
  4. pixie1339

    Southern Nevada, March 2013, Part One: Valley Of Fire

    This will be the second trip report I’ve posted on BCP thus far, and I’m going to split it into two parts, so I guess that will make three. Part one will be from my visit to Valley Of Fire, and part two will be from the other side of Lake Mead, in the Gold Butte area. I’m going to try to get a...
  5. Yvonne

    Valley of Fire, Spring Break 2012

    Valley of Fire, Spring Break 2012 I've been to Valley of Fire a few years ago and somehow it wasn't very appealing to me. I think the bad waetehr was the reason, because with grey skies nothing looks really interesting. So I blamed my negative experiences with the park to the weather and that...
  6. IntrepidXJ

    Valley of Fire

    Las Vegas Trip 2012 Thursday, March 15, 2012 The Original Trip Report on ADVENTR.CO After another night at our hotel in Las Vegas we were up early and on our way out of the city and over to Valley of Fire State Park. I was looking forward to visiting this amazing little area and we were...
  7. AustinCronnelly

    Valley of Fire March '12

    Every year my family goes down to Vegas to get their redneck on for Nascar. Occasionally, I'll tag along because I can have a place to stay on the strip, do the Vegas thing and mainly get out and explore. After the first night out on the town, I was ready to get out and do some hiking. My main...
  8. HomerJ

    Valley of Fire - March 2011

    Last March some friends and I decided we'd go support the Aggies at the WAC tournament in Vegas. I was really excited as I had never been to Vegas before. Ok, that's not entirely true... I did spent a few hours in Vegas as a 8th grader where I got kicked out of Circus Circus for playing the...
  9. Seldom Seen Anderson

    Valley of Fire

    Took a quick trip to Valley of Fire State Park (VOF), NV over the MLK weekend. If anyone has never been to VOF it is similar to the Red Cliffs Recreation area near St. George, but the big difference is VOF is Red Cliffs but on steriods. The windows, holes, arches, tunnels, petroglyphs, etc are...

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