snow canyon

  1. JDWalters

    2 weeks in the Southwest

    Last May, my wife and I flew out to Las Vegas, and got out of there as soon as possible (not helped by Sixt Rent-a-car -- we were waiting in line for two hours). We had two weeks, and I had most every day planned out. My goal was to spend our time away from the crowds, so we did not go to...
  2. Scott Chandler

    Snow Canyon West Rim

    11/6/14 Ever since I knew the Red Mountain Wilderness Trailhead existed I wondered what was back there. We're talking a couple years of me wondering about it but not getting around to it. So finally I went. The main attraction of this hike is the western rim of Snow Canyon. It looks like...
  3. Nick

    Slaving away in Zion

    Lately I've had the pleasure of getting paid to hike a bunch of easy trails for a project that I'm working on. More details on that early next year but it's been pretty intense. I think I'm about up to 20 that I've hiked just since the end of October. It's been fun to see all these places I...
  4. Yvonne

    Stormy afternoon in Snow Canyon

    Stormy afternoon in Snow Canyon This trip actually was one of the ones that shouldn't happen in the first place. First of all, I had an exam the next day and desperately needed to study. Secondly, the weather didn't look very promising for most of the morning. It was stormy, raining and cold...
  5. Tyler

    Zion National Park, Snow Canyon Nov. 2006

    Alene, Caiden, and my Nephew Brady (who is 1.5 years older than Caiden) all went down to stay in St. George this weekend to get into a bit warmer climate. We spent our time in a hotel there at the Marriot, which was very nice. Alene gets great discounts there through her work as a travel agent...
  6. Tyler

    Spring Break 2011: Zion, Snow Canyon, Red Cliffs

    I almost forgot to blog about our spring break trip. This was the first time we had a spring break where my son Caiden had an entire week off. Usually it was a couple of days of the week, so we really wanted to plan some decent time away from home. The weather still sucks (i.e. COLD) so we...
  7. pixie1339

    Zion, Snow Canyon & Red Cliffs New Years 2012

    I've been meaning to start writing trip reports for some time now. What better way to pop my TR cherry than with my first trip of the New Year on my new favorite forum.:) I decided this year I wanted to start the New Year off right. For me that meant fun in the desert sun sans hangover and sleep...

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