grand staircase

  1. steve

    Backpacking the Under the Rim Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park

    Episode 18: Backpacking the Under the Rim Trail in Bryce Canyon NP This trip was on August 29, 2014.
  2. Bob

    Death Hollow .... some pics

    Since there seems to be a lot of interest. From many, years ago, like 2001. No particular order.
  3. steve

    Coyote Gulch

  4. piper01

    Escalante Area Wanderings: Phipps Arch

    Day 7 I had one more day of hiking planned for my trip: Phipps Arch starting from Spencer Flats Road and descending into Phipps Wash. I parked alongside the side of the road near where my directions indicated. As I got out of my vehicle to gather my pack, two dogs from a nearby campsite ran up...
  5. piper01

    Escalante Area Wanderings: Cosmic Navel

    Day 6 Today was the first of two days exploring from my new base off Spencer Flats Road. I drove along the road as far as was allowed, then parked next to one other vehicle. The track soon grew sandy and narrow as I hiked along. About 10 minutes in I met the owners of the other vehicle- a couple...
  6. piper01

    Escalante Area Wanderings: Brimstone and Spooky

    Day 5 For once I woke up and broke down camp on Egypt Bench Road at a reasonable hour! I had a leisurely drive down Hole in the Rock Road and was the third vehicle to park at the Dry Fork slots trailhead. I started the descent toward the wash. And soon arrived at the wide Coyote Gulch. I...
  7. piper01

    Escalante Area Wanderings: Golden Cathedral

    Day 4 I woke up bright and early with the sunrise shining into my tent from my campsite off Harris Wash Road. I climbed out of my warm cocoon to take some photos, then promptly went back to sleep. I was tired from the previous day's hike! Eventually I managed to rouse myself from my slumber...
  8. piper01

    Escalante Area Wanderings: Bighorn Canyon

    Day 3 Bighorn Canyon was near the top of my list of must-do hikes due to its amazing colors, so I made sure to visit it near the beginning of my trip when I still had lots of energy for exploring. I had planned to do it as a loop hike from the Hole in the Rock Road and returning down the Zebra...
  9. piper01

    Escalante Area Wandering: Red Breaks

    Day 2 Red Breaks was not one of the hikes I had originally planned on doing. From reading other trip reports, I knew it was a hike I would love, but that it was out of my league as a solo hiker. Fortuitously, a group I met returning from Zebra ended up camping nearby. We got to talking and I...
  10. piper01

    Escalante Area Wanderings: Zebra and Tunnel

    I've been lurking on BCP for quite a while now. Everybody's trips reports have helped me immensely in planning my past few trips, so it's time I finally give back and post some trip reports of my own! ***** I spent 8 days exploring the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument this October...
  11. S

    Escalante Area Trip Report

    Been awhile since we did this trip but I figured I would post our trip report itinerary. We are a family of four from Alaska who visited the Escalante area last March with my parents. We all had an absolute blast! Day 1. Arrived Vegas. Drove to Escalante. We stopped and did a quick hike up...
  12. Howells Outdoors

    Neon Canyon - Finally!

    I originally posted on, but here is the wonderful canyon I was finally able to get a group together and scramble through: the amazing Neon Canyon of the Escalante. When I first started canyoneering a picture was shown to me of someone rappelling through these amazing...
  13. IntrepidXJ

    Escalante Volcano

    Southern Utah Wanderings Saturday, October 11, 2014 On Saturday morning we woke up before the sun came up and were able to watch the sunrise as we drove down the Old Sheffield Road to it's end near the Red Breaks. Today we would be hiking to the unusual sandstone formation known as the...
  14. IntrepidXJ

    Upper Calf Creek Falls

    Southern Utah Wanderings | Canyons of the Escalante Friday, October 10, 2014 After visiting a few short slot canyons in the morning we still had plenty of time to find something else to do for the rest of the day. First we stopped in Escalante for a bite to eat and then found a campsite along...
  15. o2bav8

    Another Utah hiking escapade

    Just got back from 9 amazing days of Utah hiking... 83 miles total :) Started out crossing the Utah border at Monument Valley, proudly showing off my BCP sticker Finally arrived at my campsite just before sunset... and ironically could see Tomorrow's final destination at Hamburger Rocks...
  16. IntrepidXJ

    Zebra & Tunnel Slots

    Southern Utah Wanderings | Canyons of the Escalante Friday, October 10, 2014 After another good night of sleep under the stars we awoke to clear skies with the morning sunlight striking the Straight Cliffs in the distance. Today we planned to hike to a couple of popular and short slot canyons...
  17. IntrepidXJ

    Lower Calf Creek Falls

    Southern Utah Wanderings | Canyons of the Escalante Tuesday, October 7, 2014 After our long hot hike back from the Golden Cathedral on Monday, we decided to make today an easy day and drove back out to the highway so we could hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls. This hike has been on my list for...
  18. IntrepidXJ

    Golden Cathedral

    Southern Utah Wanderings | Canyons of the Escalante Monday, October 6, 2014 After spending the weekend in The Gulch and then spending Sunday night camped up on the Egypt Bench, we got started hiking in the faint dawn light before sunrise Monday morning from the Egypt trailhead on our way down...
  19. Dave

    Carless in Kanab

    Sometimes the road takes you places you did not intend to go. And at times, detours dump you in the last place you'd like to be. Almost all of my enthusiasm for river expeditions went bust in 2014. Aside from a reality-check kayaking trip on the Moab daily and a guided run on the Snake, my...
  20. Rye Jones

    Willow Gulch

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and thought I'd share a recent trip I took down to Willow Gulch. It was my first time doing this trail and I was pretty impressed. The trail was easy and the scenery was gorgeous. View from the trailhead DSC_6914 by Rancorrye, on Flickr Mortar Board Rock...

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