grand gulch

  1. fossana

    Grand Gulch Pt 2 - Todie to Sheiks loop

    Logistics Start/end: Todie Canyon trailhead / Sheiks Canyon trailhead (could be done in either direction, with or without a shuttle) Mileage: ~19 miles Difficulty: class 3 Navigation: Map/GPS may be useful. No signage in the canyons. Filterable water: seasonal in Grand Gulch other than the...
  2. fossana

    Bullet Canyon/Sheiks Canyon loop (Bears Ears NM)

    Logistics Start/end: Bullet Canyon parking lot (with a shuttle ends at Sheiks trailhead) Mileage: ~17 miles Elevation gain: not much Navigation: helpful to have a GPS to make sure you don't miss Sheiks Canyon Filterable water: seasonal, but don't count on it Permits: self-service permit for day...
  3. Jackson

    Sheiks and Bullet Canyons

    March 18-20, 2018 There was a huge difference in weather between my spring break this year and my spring break last year. Last year was sunny and a bit warmer than normal. So you likely can imagine what this year's was like. My wife, @Jessica, and I headed down to Cedar Mesa Sunday March 18 to...
  4. Scott Chandler

    A Week in Cedar Mesa's Canyons, Part 2

    Continued from A Week in Cedar Mesa's Canyons, Part 1 3/21/16 Alone. It’s not for everyone but I can’t say I’ve ever minded. It makes decision making a lot easier and certainly changes the experience. So when I found myself in that condition after a few days of adventuring with friends I...
  5. IntrepidXJ

    Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon

    Grand Gulch Loop Friday - Saturday, May 1-3, 2015 After spending a few days in lower Grand Gulch last week, I went back home to work for four days before driving back down to Cedar Mesa to backpack the popular Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon loop of Grand Gulch with Diane. This would be Diane's...
  6. IntrepidXJ

    Lower Grand Gulch

    Wednesday - Sunday, April 22-26, 2015 It seems to have become an annual spring tradition for Jared, Dave and myself to plan a backpacking trip in late April or early May to southern Utah in search of ancient ruins and rock art. This year we decided to spend three nights in lower Grand Gulch...
  7. Bob

    Grand Gulch, Short Trip

    Joey and I headed out for a short trip into Grand Gulch. All missed out, weather was like end of April....excellent: went in via Coyote Canyon and out of Bullet Canyon via side canyon. Found a nice small ruin, with actually no sign of ever being visited. Here are a few pic:
  8. Bob

    Grand Gulch - Moonhouse

    Oldie but a goodie, easy day hike or camp and explore canyon. Day permit required, in season.
  9. westerner54

    Lower Grand Gulch, Below the Narrows

    This looks like a pretty good fall campsite, don't you think? Lots of afternoon sun , reflected warmth from the canyon walls during the night, nice clear water in pot holes fifty feet away, These pot holes might not look like much, but finding beautiful clear water like this in the desert...
  10. gnwatts

    Polly's Canyon - Government Trail Loop

    When my wife and I first came through here we thought Government Trail area was the most beautiful stretch in Grand Gulch. We were kind of in a hurry, stopped at Big Man Panel (BTW there are numerous rock art panels in between Government Trail and Big Man Panel), but did not explore very much. I...
  11. gnwatts

    Perfect Kiva Loop

    I'll admit it. I am obsessed with Grand Gulch, and many of the other canyons in the vicinity. Lucky for me I have a very understanding spouse. Many of the trips have been with friends, others by myself. My friend PJ and I for awhile had a standing rule on our excursions: all of them had to be...
  12. DAA

    Grand Gulch, 4/27 - 4/30/13

    Bringing to an end months of anticipation, finally, on Fri. April 26th, I left straight from my son’s graduation ceremony at UVU to go pick Jared up at his house in Sandy – and we were on our way to Cedar Mesa! With stops only for fuel in Wellington and fuel again in Hanksville plus a sandwich...
  13. IntrepidXJ

    Kane Gulch

    Saturday, March 2, 2013 The Original Trip Report on ADVENTR.CO On Saturday morning I headed south for an early season hike in the Grand Gulch area. I stopped at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station as they opened for the day to pick up an annual Cedar Mesa hiking pass and then started hiking down...
  14. IntrepidXJ

    Sheiks Canyon & The Green Mask

    The Maze and the Mesa | Day 5 Wednesday, April 13, 2011 We were up before sunrise on Wednesday for a quick breakfast so that we could squeeze in a quick hike down into Sheiks Canyon before Dave would have to head back home. First up in Sheiks Canyon was the Yellow House Ruin. The roof beams...