Grand Gulch, Short Trip


Mar 3, 2013
Joey and I headed out for a short trip into Grand Gulch. All missed out, weather was like end of April....excellent:
went in via Coyote Canyon and out of Bullet Canyon via side canyon. Found a nice small ruin, with actually no sign of ever being visited. Here are a few pic:



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Mar 3, 2013
Yep, was really nice all across the southern desert area. Perfect time to get out .


Mar 3, 2013
Maybe Joey will add the text portion ;);)


walking somewhere
Apr 1, 2014
Maybe Joey will add the text portion ;);)
Nice photos Bob! Great trip overall. Bob's a fun person to hike with. I had a great time.

I'll try my best at describing it. I had never been down to Grand Gulch before. We started by hiking down into Coyote Canyon. Not much snow at all. Cold at night, but pretty hot during the day. Lots of ruins. We hiked down to the main canyon, then hiked up to Split Level Ruins, where we camped close by. Bob likes to talk about skin walkers at night, right before going to bed. The second day we walked down canyon, stopping to explore a few ruins, before reaching Bullet Canyon. We camped the second night a short distance up Bullet, over looking the canyon. We didn't see or hear any people the entire trip. Day 3 we explored the jailhouse ruins, and a few others. Then we headed up a steep short cut to loop back to the truck. Halfway up, Bob lets out a "woops, this is the wrong canyon to climb out of, it was the next one over." We still were able to climb out without a problem. Bob destroyed about 3 dozen cairns on this trip, and stumbled into a ruin on our route out of the canyon. There was never a dull moment the entire trip. Can't wait to go back. :twothumbs::)

Oh yeah, and don't let Bob fool you. Our "short" day 2 turned out to be 12 miles. :D


Mar 3, 2013
Haha estimate was off, I mean the GPS was crazy in the canyon. By the time I got rid of the extra points it was only 8 miles for the long day..... 16.1 total. Good trip, good company :)
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