Album Wildlife

Botched an uphill corner on the MTB today and had to stop and put a foot down... Not sure if me or the possum was more surprised.

Thought I’d throw this photo in here. Ray (my husband) takes great photos. This photo is of 2 desert bighorns in a remote area of Water Pocket fold last spring (2021). We had just found water after hiking over 19 miles off trail and dry camping overnight. These guys showed up looking at us like, “what took you so long”? My friend liked this picture so much she used it as an inspiration for an oil painting (which now hangs in our living room).

Although we have often heard owls while camping in the Adirondacks, we’ve never really seen one live and in color until yesterday while we were hiking on the towpath along the old Erie Canal. Our bird ID app says that it’s either a young screech owl or young great horned owl.

I found one after trying to hunt for some morel mushrooms yesterday. No wonder I've taken up cycling as a warm season sport.
Copperhead spotted in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky.
Glad I brought the 300mm zoom lens...