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Could be the same pelicans that we spotted while riding along the Bow river in the south end of Calgary this September. Who knows? We never see them on the river below our house in the NW side of the city, so they must like the slower water and more prairie-like environs at that end. Apparently they spend some time around here in spring and fall on their migration to and from nesting grounds further north in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
It’s been a big week for Desert Bighorn viewing in Nevada. They do a lot of eating all day and night.

The Rams walked right by the tent at 1am one night. Commotion on slick rock and I heard lots of steps right outside the tent.
Rick slept right through it, but he saw them eating shrubs right next to the tent at 10 pm, same evening. I slept through that event.
Supposedly they have figured out to bump some of the water faucets on the CG to get water, but we did not witness that.
Better photos will follow from Rick.



We also several times saw another group of younger males and ewes.


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From my last hike, two days ago. Males and females Iberian Ibex (aka Spanish Wild Goat)

I met this hard worker the other day, while riding on a busy city bike path. Quite unconcerned about the 10 or so humans watching, it calmly crossed the path up from the river into the forest, and returned shortly bearing a freshly harvested branch.
Found a fox den while looking for mushrooms yesterday.

Just a zoomed in cell phone pic, but I was happy to get that. I've seen an adult fox or two around, but they usually run off as soon as they see me. This little guy may have been just as curious about me as I was about it.