To Do in 2014


Broadcaster, formerly "ashergrey"
May 5, 2012
This is usually the time of year where I'm daydreaming of warmer weather and interesting places to explore.

I'm hoping to get on the San Juan and Muddy Creek, backpack East Fork of the Virgin and/or Buckskin Gulch. I wouldn't rule out making another attempt at seeing the Green/Colorado confluence from the north, but maybe using a different route.

So what's on your to-do list for 2014?


Dec 11, 2013
I haven't had my official planning meeting with my buds yet, but so far:

Coyote Gulch
Bluejohn Canyon
Half Dome
parts of the GWT
Highline Trail
Maze District
Multi-day kayak camping down the Green
Possibly a wind rivers trip?


Aug 9, 2007
I love this thread already. Great to get the ideas, and the stoke, flowing.

With a new furry hiking buddy in my family, I am changing a lot of my plans to dog-friendly locations. I'm hoping that with Sage around to keep me company, I'll be more prone to solo trips this year. I like people and all, but it's such a pain to coordinate schedules sometimes.

So here's what's on my list so far...

For winter/spring:
Boulder Mail Trail
Davis Gulch
Hackberry Canyon
Choprock/Silver Falls loop
Wire Pass to Lee's Ferry
The Barracks

Gotta fit some rivers in there too...

This summer I had a few things on my list in National Parks, namely the Teton Crest Trail and some paddling in Yellowstone, but I might rethink that to keep things dog-friendly. I'm seriously considering giving the Highline Trail another go in July/August and I can definitely see a late summer visit to Titcomb Basin and/or the Grave Lake Loop in my future.

In September, I've blocked out dates with ideal tides to go backpack Olympic National Park.

Bring on 2014.


Desperately Seeking Sandstone
Jan 21, 2012
I’ve been looking at doing a South Kaibab/Bright Angel Trail backpack in the Grand Canyon. That would probably be a fall trip if I do it because I’d want to be in top shape. Another trip that's really high on my list is to backpack the Paria River Canyon. Hint, hint @Nick.:) I would love to finally hit Yellow Rock, and the Wahweap Hoodoos, maybe do the Bull Valley Gorge/Sheep Creek/ Willis Creek Loop as an overnighter or Round Valley Draw/Hackberry Canyon. I still want to do the Escalante River Trail with a jaunt up Death Hollow. Upper and Lower Muley Twist in Capitol Reef would be awesome. Grand Gulch is another one I'd love to check off this year. I’m entertaining the idea of going to Joshua Tree for Thanksgiving.. There are several backpacks in the Uintas that I really want to do, and I really want to see Titcomb Basin and/or Green River Lakes in the Winds. There’s also the possibility of a Yosemite trip in June or a Four Corners spring or fall trip. Finally, it would make me really happy if I could complete my Colorado fall colors I had planned for this year. Obviously I can’t do it all, but once I get a chance to really look at the calendar and figure out what I can reasonably accomplish this year I can start whittling down my list and firming up some plans.Yay for 2014!


Broadcaster, formerly "ashergrey"
May 5, 2012
Man, that's quite a list. I'm with you on Green River Lakes. I need to get the kayak up there.


I lava it!!!
Jan 19, 2012
backpacking the Maze for 4-5 days. Whoever wants to join me is more than welcome. Otherwise I go solo
Wind River Crest Trail in August. Company is welcome for this one as well.
Multi day backpack in the Cedar Mesa area
at least one or two Uintas trips.
Alaska Basin
a few days in Yellowstone since I had to cancel my trip this year because my dad in-law passed away


May 3, 2013
Lean To/Dark/Youngs Canyon loop. Exploring Bowdie Canyon. That's my month of May 3 week dream trip, I hope I can pull it off.
Another run down the Chute of Muddy Creek at peak runoff would be icing on the cake if the timing worked out.


Jan 25, 2012
when I'm back home next week I let you know about the plans so far.

do you have any dates in mind for this? Might be able to pull the wind rivers the maze would just be a matter of when you'd be going.


Oct 1, 2012
My list revolves more around the pictures I want to take. I've already started planning and realized that I don't have enough vacation time/$$ to do it all, and I get 2 months vacation a year!

So far, the list looks like this:
1. Winter trip in February where ever there is snow. I have 10 days off between the holidays and I'm going to check the forecast a week in advance and head to where ever it's snowing. Hoping for the Grand Canyon and Bryce. The full moon will be setting just over the Colorado river and if the weather cooperates the shots could be spectacular! I also want to get that shot of Bryce with snow under a full moon, even if I have to do it in subzero temps. Also want to try a long exposure of a winter sunrise in Bryce.

2. Taking my two nieces, 12 and 15, who just moved to California from Estonia to Zion in June and will introduce them to the outdoors. It's going to be a girl's adventure week! We're going to learn outdoor practices, canyoneering, a trip up the Narrows. They are so excited, but not nearly as much as me!

3. Photograph Dusy Basin in the Eastern Sierra at night. It's at 12,000 feet and last time I was there I puked my guts up but I'm not letting that get in my way!

4. Photograph lightning at night over the Grand Canyon in summer. This time I'm going to try to get some canyon details, so shooting for a night with a 20% moon in the early morning.

5. Photograph autumn, anywhere! I missed it this year.

6. Drive on some dirt roads in Utah and take photographs of places I've never seen before!

@pixie1339 if you're looking for company for Paria River Canyon I'm up for it!


Desperately Seeking Sandstone
Jan 21, 2012
My list revolves more around the pictures I want to take. I've already started planning and realized that I don't have enough vacation time/$$ to do it all, and I get 2 months vacation a year!

This is the same problem I end up having every year, but it's compounded because I only have 3 weeks vacation a year to work with. Working for the man sucks!

@pixie1339 if you're looking for company for Paria River Canyon I'm up for it!

I would love some company! I was thinking April or early May. Based on your list it sounds like you don't have anything planned for that time of year, so I'll send you a pm and tell you the specific dates I'm looking at.


trout bum
Aug 9, 2013
I am now 30 minutes from the bighorn mountains now and cant wait for spring(only one ski resort around here and its small)!
definitely spending some time in Cloud Peak Wilderness.
Lake Geneva
bomber mountain
lost lake
robin lake
shepherds loop

and tons more!!!


Jul 25, 2013
Hoping to do my annual trip from the UK in late May/early June as opposed to fall this year. Coyote & Buckskin Gulches are the main objectives on my list after September's rains scuppered me in 2013 :(


Mar 3, 2013
Main trip: last week Aug into Sept....10 days 'other side' in the WInds. Other trips: Looking at Clear Creek or Beaver Creek for a week in early May. Maybe Bighorn Crags a week in Aug, got rained out last summer. Can take others......if interested.

BJett.... you can do Bowdie by going down the E Fork and coming back up the W Fork. Parked car in the middle avoids a shuttle. There is a awesome ruin/kiva a ways down and if you go to the Colorado there is a remote ruin way up towards the rim not many see. Been in there twice, 1st time we went in via Fable Valley, Gypsum Cyn, floated the Colorado to Bowdie Cyn and out. Second time went in via the forks route.

SSA .... we went down to Deep Creek dropping in from the road to Kolb Res. Just stayed on the road till Crystal Cyn. Intent was to go down crystal but it was pretty brushy. Another trip we left a truck in Paranuweep at the end of the road (prvt) and went to just below Labyrinth Falls. NO problem leaving truck, below labyrinth is closed by the park...(night hike out maybe?)

Miss Buffalo ... post your dates may take you up on some. Last trip in Maze or Grand Gulch was years ago.
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