Snow, Snow and more Snow

Gosh, was going to slowly cycle north but looks like Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and such will be a mess. Plus the storms keep on coming and coming. Maybe have to think of something else. Or just hunker down in the desert. Also wonder how Alaska has fared with so many storms in the west of the Lower 48.
Melt is starting today.. forecast is for mid 30s high for the next week.... The last storm .. supposedly 12 to 20 in only put down 9 inches
Hammered again with snow ....... 23 inches last three days .......
Heres the updated

Wow! Gosh, now looking at that map is something else. If gonna escape the flooding maybe possibly like last spring go out to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington then on up to Alaska. Looks like the west will be flooding bigtime this spring.

And just think of all the mosquitoes and bugs that will be out after all of that snow melts everywhere ... clouds and clouds of them everywhere.

And it is still coming down with this winter that refuses to end! Thanks for posting!
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Fascinating to see the map and remember last year's map that was red, red, red.
Yes there is still snow on the peaks here outside of Mesquite, NV. Where am at present. Think spring and summer is a long time still to come from how it presently looks.

Maybe there just might not be much of a summer this year unfortunately.
Well, do not know what the latest stats are but since the above was posted ... the storms have kept on coming. Alta in Utah now has had over 800 inches this season ... winter. Am holding out right now down here in Mesquite, NV. The mountains here right outside of town are covered white with snow, down to their base from the latest storm. And guess more snow for Northern Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and east to Minnesota. All from the winter that refuses to end.
Just looked at a few stats ...

Alta ...845 inches
Jackson Hole Resort ... 588 inches
Park City, Utah ... 601 inches
16 inches the last three days here. Island Park total snowfall is 213 inches. Road by house .........


Bottom of garage window is 4 feet off floor ......

This is what awaited me when I got home from work today. There are 21 inches on the table that accumulated since I went to bed last night. Still snowing here, and it looks like it will continue until about 10:00 am tomorrow morning. So I'm expecting another 10 inches or so by then. I had to eat a quarter of a Tony's Chocolonely bar to finish shoveling it all. :)

The average daily temperature hits 60 degrees this week in Salt Lake, currently we sit at 30. :(

I'm shedding crocodile tears. I haven't seen one of my cars parked outside for about 4 months
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