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Here are a few more from Left Fork North Creek and the Subway.
It sort of didn't fit anywhere else



and finally, I got to see the Subway with icicles. I hoped to see it last December just before Christmas, but it wasn't cold enough.
Last weekend my wish was finally granted
The water was still warm with 41 degrees and I waded in shorts through the pools.

Yesterday we hiked to the confluence of Green River and Colorado River, wow, what a spectacular location! End of October we started the trip in Green River and drove down along the river to Trin-Alcove Bend, Colonnade Arch, etc. It was incredible to now also see the confluence.

Hopefully Rick got some great fisheye photos. Here’s a couple of mine, till his are uploaded.






Used my one day off this week to take a short walk along the Missouri River this afternoon. Plenty of wildlife out, mostly birds. Took a break here for maybe half an hour watching large flocks of snow geese on the river (there were a few Canada geese and several bald eagles out and about as well).

MUNDS MOUNTAIN WILDERNESS, Woods Canyon, south of Sedona. Dry Beaver Creek, not so dry :)

We got a late start Saturday and chose a low trafficked trail, away from The Red rock area. We almost turned around after 2.5 miles, it was a slog in between the cow poop on an old Jeep trail far away from the roaring creek. After checking Gaia more closely, we decided to hike further, glad we did! Dry Beaver Creek was roaring and many Sycamore trees were standing in the water.






Nice pictures. For my taste, you have chosen just the right exposure time.
Use this thing all the time and never thought to take a picture of it in the wild.

Here’s the swag, jinxing away all the trout :p

This stream was almost bone dry a few days ago ... that sure changed when we received over two inches of rain the other night. This was along the trail into Broomstick Lake in the southern Adirondacks, not far from our home.


Beautiful! Makes we want to go when I'm there next month but the wilderness website says they are not issuing permits for November. Do you know why?
Beautiful! Makes we want to go when I'm there next month but the wilderness website says they are not issuing permits for November. Do you know why?
the permits will be released on a month-to-month base. So check the calendar on October 15 or 16. It's the same thing as it is with the shuttle tickets.
I still hope I have no huge damage in my knee so I could do a November trip to the Subway. But probably too early anyway.
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