zion narrows

  1. Tres Westbrook

    The Virgin River Narrows in Zion National Park From The Top Down

    Zion has become my favorite national park. Just a couple years ago I had never even been out to southern Utah. Now we have visited it twice in person and, thanks to the internet, including Backcountrypost.com, I can read trip reports, see photos, and watch videos from Zion trips at will, and...
  2. IntrepidXJ

    The Narrows

    Fall Colors 2014 Monday, November 10, 2014 On Monday morning we woke up before sunrise again so we could get an early start on our hike into The Narrows. I wanted to get an early start in hopes that we might have the canyon to ourselves for at least a little while even if it was pretty cold...
  3. Howells Outdoors

    Winter Storm In the Narrows

    @JamesM invited me to hike the Narrows, just bottom up to check what it is like in a few inches of snow. Then the Weather Service issued that massive winter storm warning for pretty much all of Utah and we thought, "Hmmmm...might be a bit colder than planned." We went anyway! Probably the...
  4. Dave

    Zion Narrows, June 21-22 2013

    "No self-respecting Utah backpacker has not done the Narrows top-down." I found myself repeating that line to coworkers, explaining my enthusiasm for a long-planned backpacking trip along the North Fork of the Virgin. Obstruction by ashergrey, on Flickr As a hiker and backer, not to...
  5. Seldom Seen Anderson

    Virgin River Narrows

    I have lived in the greater Zion area for 25 of my 30 years on this earth and have never done the Narrows from the bottom up. Finally I decided it was time. Did the full 9.4 miles in just over 6 hours. The deepest section that I had to go through was just above my chest (i am 6 '3 ") and walking...
  6. Nick

    The Zion Narrows

    Wow. The last couple of weeks have been mayhem for me. Literally 12 out of 14 days spent away from home. I had been tasked with travelling to the St. George area and the Boise, ID area to photograph clinics and do portraits for my employer so I decided I ought to take advantage and have some fun...

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