Virgin River Narrows

Jan 19, 2012
I have lived in the greater Zion area for 25 of my 30 years on this earth and have never done the Narrows from the bottom up. Finally I decided it was time. Did the full 9.4 miles in just over 6 hours. The deepest section that I had to go through was just above my chest (i am 6 '3 ") and walking on the snot covered bowling balls, er I mean slimy rocks was a pain. I think this may be my favorite way to hike the narrows from the bottom up to big springs and back down. I saw the best narrow sections two times at different times in the day. The way up the light was really harsh and none of my pictures turned out (Big Spring for example)
Big Spring III.jpg

, on the way back down with better light I was pretty happy with the results had I only gone through one time I would have been very disappointed! Also because it was a day hike I didnt have a heavy pack which would have made it a much more difficult hike on those rocks. I have said IMHO the Narrows is the BEST worst hike in Utah, potentially the National Park System and possibly the US of A (well at least that I have been on)!

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Spiral out.
Aug 9, 2007
Nice! So you've done it top-down though, right?
Jan 19, 2012
Nice! So you've done it top-down though, right?

I have but it has been so long I dont remember it well. I guess I should have said hiking the narrows from the bottom is the best was as far as I remember! What I do remember is fewer people at the top (awesome), bigger waterfalls (awesome), hiking with a semi heavy pack on those rocks (awful), rodents (awful) . Am I missing anything?

Also Orderville is a blast probably the most fun way into the narrows IMO but you dont see many of the highlights of the narrows unless you really want a long day and have time to hike up the canyon.
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