1. Nico

    Timpanogos Wildflowers

    We headed up to Timpanogos a week ago - 18 July 2015. Camped at the rim of the basin, caught a wild storm and subsequently a wild sunset. There is a lot of indian paintbrush up there right now (or at least a week ago). The whole trip report is here.
  2. WasatchWill

    Another Timp Trip, Another Report...

    Right on the heels of the recent trip and beautiful report by @Ugly, here's a report of a trip @WillisBodillus and I took up to Timp the very week after. While my pics aren't nearly as spectacular, I hope those of you viewing and reading still find them enjoyable... Since we both go by Will...
  3. Ugly

    Timpanogos in July

    I know that all of my reports have been local, as I have been stuck close to home with work and chasing kids around on soccer fields. I love the stuff coming from elsewhere, and it should not be too many years before I am back in some of those places again. For now, I am sticking to my backyard...
  4. Howells Outdoors

    Mt. Timpanogos for the First Time

    On Feb 21, 2015 I joined up with a few friends and attempted to climb Mt. Timpanogos in northern Utah. I had never been mountaineering before and neither had about half the group. It was slow going, we didn’t summit, but it was an awesome day! Photo: Scott Wyatt We did however make it to a...
  5. WasatchWill

    Mount Timpanogos - August 2013

    Trying out my first TR with the BBCode converter and a new blog I just started (wasatch-will.blogspot.com)... Being my first post of this new blog in which I intend to document what I hope to be many hiking and backpacking adventures throughout Utah's famed Wasatch Mountains, other parts of...
  6. barl0w

    Timpanogos Day Hike (June 26, 2012)

    On the 26th, a friend and I hiked Timp, starting at the Timpanooke Trailhead and finished at Aspen Grove. I had never done the "cross-over" as I'll call it, and knew that it would make for a long day. But in the end, it was a great experience and I can't say that I'll ever want to do that again...
  7. Tyler

    Mount Timpanogos Camp/Summit Aug. 2006

    Alene, April, and Bill had planned a backpacking trip up to the top of Mt Timpanogos over a weekend we did not have Caiden, however I had a football game to coach that Saturday and opted to back out of going with them. I was a little jealous because I had not had a chance to try out our new...

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