sequoia national park

  1. wsp_scott

    SEKI 2022

    7/28 - 8/6/22 (10 nights) Taboose Pass (Inyo NF) I had grand plans for a big loop out of Taboose Pass. A little bit on the JMT and a bunch of cross-country passes over 11 nights. I had lots of time and flexibility, so I could just see how things went. Outline of my plans: Taboose -> Upper...
  2. shredhiker

    Kings Canyon July 2022 Kearsarge, Rae, & Sixty Lakes

    This was initially supposed to be a trip to the high country in Yosemite, which I feel has been fighting me for a few years now. The one trip I made there successfully was in September of 2020, starting from Sunrise Lakes, and for 5 of the 6 days the wildfire smoke was heavy and the views...
  3. wsp_scott

    SEKI 2021

    Warning: tons of photos, probably too many Sequoia National Park 7/28 - 8/5/21 (8 nights) Shepherd Pass Stock Trailhead (Inyo NF) Total distance ~70 miles and 20,000' elevation Day 1: Stock Trailhead to Anvil Camp (CalTopo miles) - distance: 9.08mi range: 5681' to 10245'gross: +5541'...
  4. Jammer

    Sequoia: Upper Kern and Lake South America

    After skipping my traditional spring trip to Utah and spending way too much time cooped up in front of the computer, I finally escaped last month for a "local" trip to the Sequoia backcountry. I say "local" because I could do this entire trip self-sustained with only one stop at a gas pump along...
  5. scatman

    High Sierra Trail

    This is a backpacking trip I completed with a friend along the High Sierra Trail from Crescent Meadow to the Whitney Portal back in August of 2012. It was an eight day trip of approximately 70 miles from west to east. The trip could easily be done in six or seven days, but we had an extremely...
  6. K

    TR: 8-5-2017 Short Trip up to the Sequoias

    Good afternoon All! Hope the summer hiking has been splendid for all. Two weekends ago, Ash and I decided that we needed to recover from our cabin fever and opted to head up to Sequoia. Didn't really have any plan and just opted to see what was available at the ranger station at Grant Grove...
  7. klank

    Emerald & Pear Lake - Sequoia National Park - August 3-5, 2013

    Just after the stroke of midnight I set off for Sequoia National Park on my first solo packing adventure. Arriving at Lodgepole Ranger station about an hour early I had time to ponder if my original trip was a bit too much to chew; buddy and I had planned a 5 day trip over Silliman Pass with...