rocky mountain national park

  1. Wanderlust073

    Winter camping at Lake Helene, RMNP

    This trip had become something of a backpacking white whale for me. I'd been eager to try winter backpacking and Rocky Mountain NP seemed a safe-ish destination for a first-timer. Only a couple hours from home, plenty of people milling about within a few hours of pretty much any spot I'd want...
  2. AKay09

    RMNP Continental Divide Loop 9/17

    Hey, this is my trip report from the Continental Divide Loop in RMNP in September 2017. Things didn't go as well as planned but it was still a fun time. The original plan was to add a trip off trail up to Timber Lake on the third day but we lost the old trail and the terrain and weather proved...
  3. Scott Chandler

    "Weekending" in Rocky Mountain NP's Wild Basin

    8/17-19/2015 Back in June I had driven through Rocky Mountain National Park and been far more amazed than I had anticipated. It made me yearn for more. Some odd scheduling allowed me a four day weekend and finding ROMO’s backcountry webpage very user friendly, I secured a permit to backpack...

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