1. wsp_scott

    A year in the Red River Gorge

    I did not know where to post this, since it is not really backpacking (only one night), but a lot of day hikes. I have done a lot of day hiking in the Red River Gorge in the last couple of years (about 35 days in the last 15ish months). I owe a lot of inspiration for the following photos and...
  2. BJett

    The Grotto of Grayson Lake. Kentucky.

    Its been a very dry fall so far and the colors have been subpar in Kentucky, and the creeks bone dry. A few inches of rain over the weekend was the ticket, and I finally got to explore a waterfall I've been saving for the perfect conditions. Known as the Grotto of Grayson Lake, this two-tiered...
  3. BJett

    Cumberland River Below the Falls - Kentucky

    The mighty Cumberland River begins its journey deep in the southern Appalachians...Harlan County, Kentucky to be exact. It eventually runs into the Ohio River. Cumberland Falls is a ~65' waterfall located in McCreary and Whitley County, KY. Its famous for its Moonbow, and its also a very...
  4. b.stark

    Red River Gorge 2010 "From The Vault"

    OK, so this trip report isn't going to be the best. This was definitely the most frustrating backpacking trip I've ever been on, and also the event that ruined my perception of the "Into The Wild" soundtrack almost permanently. So don't expect my best report ever from this one. Some of the...
  5. BJett

    Hikesgiving 2015 in the Red River Gorge

    Tradition has ruled most of my 40 years when it comes to Thanksgiving. This year was different. The weather last Thursday was in the 60's and sunny with a nice warm breeze, and the sunrises lately have been ridiculous. Throw in a full moon and I just had to go. The day hikers were on their...
  6. BJett

    Red River Gorge, Kentucky - Perseids

    Or my attempt at photographing the Perseids, to be more accurate. Rented the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 and left town Thursday afternoon to beat the crowds and take advantage of the a moonless, cloudless night. Headed to Hanson's Point in the Red River Gorge, one of the best views in the area. Met a...
  7. BJett

    Red River Gorge Geological Area

    About an hour east of Lexington, Kentucky lies an outdoor oasis best known as a world class rock climbing destination and its abundance of arches. The Red River Gorge, located in the Daniel Boone National Forest, has the highest concentration of natural arches outside of Arches National Park...

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