goblin valley

  1. Ross

    The Needles, Behind the Rocks and Goblin Valley area

    This trip report is based on the second half of a trip to the Moab area (the 1st half being in The Maze), with the theme being an enjoyable few days spent with Backcountrypost member glasterpiece. The connection between us strangers began when I posted looking for Halls Creek hiking partners...
  2. WasatchWill

    Family's First Visit to Goblin Valley

    A little over a week ago, my older daughters had their annual spring break from school, so, as we've made a tradition of doing, we headed south. This year, I took my family down to Goblin Valley. It was a first time visit for all of us. It would also provide a great opportunity to test out a...
  3. baltocharlie

    Spring Fling turned Oktoberfest trip

    I am finally writing my Spring Fling trip report. First, this trip was postponed until October, it is now the Utah Oktoberfest trip. I flew into SLC on Friday Oct 11th. Immediately I grabbed my rental, a Ford SUV AWD. Clearance was fair but no Toyo truck. I headed out of town through SLCs...
  4. Nick

    Wild Horse Canyon & Window

    Nate and I headed down to the Swell before the New Year to do a little camping and meet up with some BCP folks to celebrate the new year. We were going to head down and camp near Smith Cabin and hike up to the top of the reef the first night, but the snow was way too deep. It was really odd -...
  5. Udink

    Goblin and Joe's

    Last weekend's adventure was a great whole-family trip. I'd planned for some hiking at Goblin Valley and canoeing at Joe's Valley. I was awake by 6AM, which seems to be the norm with the puppy and her immature bladder. Due to a lot of preparation the night before we were on the road before 7:30...
  6. Christian

    Goblin Valley to Moab

    Ok, so this trip report isn't particularly adventurous or out of the way, but I did get some cool photos. Friday the 5th my brother Justin and I drove down to the Goblin Valley area. We camped on this BLM spot I always go to, by some cool Hoodoos. I woke up at sunrise to see if anything good...
  7. barl0w

    Goblin Valley + Little Wild Horse Canyon - April 2012 (Boy Scouts)

    First off, I want to say thanks for all of the advice I received on my trip planning thread. It was a ton of help, and the scouts and leaders had a great time. We were able to send a leader down early Friday afternoon, and secure a spot just west of the park along Wild Horse Road in the open...
  8. Nick

    Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley

    February 2011 In December of last year I planned a trip to a formation along the Utah-Arizona border known as White Pocket. The information I found told me that it was an endeavor not to be taken lightly. It's a long drive on remote sand tracks through the desert. Without the proper equipment...
  9. Nick

    Winter In The Swell

    January 2011 It had been about a month since I made it out camping so Summit and I threw together a quick trip to the Swell over the weekend. The low temps picked up from the usual single digits all the way up to the mid-to-high teens so it seemed like a good opportunity to get outside. We...

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