1. kwc

    Alaska (again) Denali NP

    A few years ago I had the opportunity to spend a week in Denali NP as a Backcountry Observer during the hunting season in late September. I was paired up with another volunteer from Texas & we were "stationed" at the Savage River backcountry cabin on the northern border of the park ... our...
  2. Ben

    Denali NP, Teklanika and Sanctuary Rivers

    There are a lot of pictures in this post, especially for a short three day trip, but frankly, this is probably the most beautiful place i've ever been. The route was very straight forward. Up one river, over a pass, and down an other river. I brought my packraft for the second river Denali...
  3. Ben

    Denali NP, Savage and Sanctuary Rivers

    The summer of 2013 i had the opportunity to go up to Alaska with my family. My Mom's grandpa had had a homestead on the Kenai Peninsula. Any way, we went up to Denali National Park, and two of my brothers and i did a slightly rushed two night backpack. One of my brothers ended up throwing up...
  4. Tres Westbrook

    Denali Fall Colors

    In September of 2013, my wife and I, along with my parents, headed up to Alaska for Labor Day week. We rented an RV in Anchorage and drove down the Seward for two days, then to Talkeetna for a couple days, then on to Denali NP for three days. Didn't get to do the backpacking that I had wanted...
  5. Curt

    Mt Healy Overlook Trail, Denali NP

    My wife thought we should do something special for our 30th anniversary and that special thing would be to go to Alaska. I grew up in the desert and have never been all that interested in Alaska cause I thought it was just a cold wet place. But I've had a number of friends who went there and...

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