Denali Fall Colors

Feb 10, 2013
In September of 2013, my wife and I, along with my parents, headed up to Alaska for Labor Day week. We rented an RV in Anchorage and drove down the Seward for two days, then to Talkeetna for a couple days, then on to Denali NP for three days. Didn't get to do the backpacking that I had wanted, but we got to hike a little bit and the scenery was wonderful. We happened to hit Denali when the fall colors, which only last about a week or so up there, were at their most brilliant. The only downside was that McKinley stayed hidden in clouds the whole time. But that just gives me a reason to go back. And do some backpacking next time.

As bad as my eyes are, the whole park looked to me like an impressionist painting.


East Side 285.jpg

East Side 320.jpg



Eielson 421.jpg





Teklanika River, which Chris McCandless couldn't cross. The Stampede Trail, where he found his bus, is a few miles downstream (behind) this picture.

And of course, the obligatory grizzly photo. We saw several every day. Because their diet consists largely of berries, they don't get as big as the ones down in Katmai.
Grizzly 561.jpg

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The mountains are calling and I must go
Mar 31, 2013
Having read Into The Wild, it's not at all how I had the area pictured. Thanks for sharing!


Feb 1, 2014
I was there a year ago for a couple days. One day was beautiful and it rained all day on the other one. So I think you got lucky on having 3 nice days. I agree that the colors are other-worldly. Definitely technicolor. I enjoyed looking at your pictures.


May 19, 2012
Beautiful photos.
Thanks for posting.


Oct 1, 2012
I took this on our first trip to Alaska, and all I knew how to use at the time was my point and shoot Kodak. I would KILL to have these conditions again with my 5D and a tripod!!!! This was taken in Denali National Park, after climbing up some random hill just because it was there. I really, really want to go back!

Alaska Rain Shadow Laura Zirino.jpg
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Wilderness Wanderer
Sep 23, 2016
Nice! Wow! Several years ago made it up to Denali NP and spent a long good time up there. Such a nice place! The fall is soooo gorgeous which your photos bring out. Loved your photos and Thanks.
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