Winds Conditions 2015


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Jun 25, 2012
A thread for the current conditions in the Wind Rivers as we prepare to walk.

I spoke to the Pinedale forest service employee at the office. She was somewhat shaky in her assessment but she said the FS road to Big Sandy opening (lodge, campground, trailhead) was open and drivable. Well, at first said it probably was then upon being pressed she said that it was. Same was said for the Sweetwater Gap trailhead. When I asked if she did not have people out in the field working she said "no, people are just coming on board and getting organized." Geesh.

When asked how far above the Big Sandy trailhead the trail was free of snow she said "you probably could get 3 or 4 miles up the trail but she didn't know".

Soon, all. Soon.
Fly out on July 31st for two weeks in the Winds. I'm doing 6 days with several family members and then a few days solo. I still haven't fully decided what to do on the solo portion, but I'm going to try my hand at playing it by ear...I have a nasty tendency of over-planning.

When are you headed up there?
Mid-August trip-of-a-lifetime is in the works! Traversing the range from south to north, significant stretches of off-trail travel, perhaps some glacier travel, and a 13'er or two! Can't wait!
DONE! I'll even bring my monster 85liter pack out of retirement.
We are going! The Duke Ellington Route on Ellingwood? Steeple tower between Haystack and East Temple? Shark's Nose? Fred Becky's obscure route above Stillwater Gap?
We are going! The Duke Ellington Route on Ellingwood? Steeple tower between Haystack and East Temple? Shark's Nose? Fred Becky's obscure route above Stillwater Gap?


I did love the look of the East Temple as we saw it from a distance. I'll rope mule anywhere though, I like the sound of obscure.
OK, nobody with a current conditions report? Skeets? Heading to Sweetwater Gap this weekend. Looking for love, i mean info, in all the wrong places.... @Aldaron, you stopping by for a beer on the way from the airport to your trailhead in August?
Nice @lostlandscapes and @Nick ! The weather may be supercharged with monsoon off and on for a while but the skies have been ecstatic. Had a little bit of graupel, sleet and hail at 10K feet but all the weather lasted only minutes literally with sun in between. Looking forward to hearing all about Titcomb and the GRL portage.
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