Album Up Close and Personal -- Photos Focused on the Details

Thank you for your information. It’s very interesting and good to know. :)

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Moqui Marbles in their baby phase. Now it takes a long time until they precipitate out of the rock


Moqui Marble in its more advanced phase of life

Took the Macro lens for a walk around the farm yesterday.

Pollen Cones on a Norway Spruce (I think. ;) )


Dogwood Blossom.


I was very excited to see these -- flowers on the Paw Paw three I planted years ago. Hopefully I'll have some fruits later this year.


Lastly, I was so focused on the Paw Paw tree that I almost stepped on this little guy. First snake sighting of the year!

Cannot say definitively, but it looks like a fossil to me. Ancient worm trails thru mud that eventually turned into shale/slate.
That was what I was thinking.
Same area where you saw that other interesting rock?
Not sure what other rock you are thinking of, but I doubt it. This was in the Daniel Boone NF in southern KY.
@Janice I just realized what rock you were thinking of. This rock was about 50 miles north of the other rock.

The other rock for comparison
@Janice I just realized what rock you were thinking of. This rock was about 50 miles north of the other rock.

The other rock for comparison
Yes - this is the one I was referring to. It would be interesting to have an expert give input on these!
Zombie Slug....

In the spirit of Halloween, had this right outside my tent door a while back.

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Looks like it wants to eat your soul.
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