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Jun 25, 2012
And here I thought that we've been overly cautious by downloading GPS routes on 3 phones and 1 inReach, printing out USGS maps, carrying Trails Illustrated maps, and a few backup batteries. Good to know we're not the only ones! I would add another thing or two that we do before our trips. Might not be novel, but it might help out a person or two.....We organize our trip using Google Docs and make sure the pertinent document is available offline on our phones and iPad. Further, for each website that we want to reference offline (e.g. if a website has photos of rock art, a detailed discussion of directions, etc.) we create a PDF of that site on our phone. We then copy that PDF to Readdle Documents. For each trip we create a unique folder in Readdle and file the individual PDF's under that folder. No more paper (except maps, of course)!
I like to do hard things but I am basically a big chicken so I do hard things with a bunch of fall back/bail options.

What method do you use to backup the electrical power on all your gadgets? I keep thinking/hoping solar or fuel cell? technology becomes more useful and light...

Stephanie B

Steph and Blake
Dec 7, 2017
I like to do hard things but I am basically a big chicken so I do hard things with a bunch of fall back/bail options.

What method do you use to backup the electrical power on all your gadgets? I keep thinking/hoping solar or fuel cell? technology becomes more useful and light...

we have two 'hot' USB ports in our FJ that we sometimes use both when driving and even overnight, we also have an Anker 20100 power bank we can use in our tent and it has both USB and mini-USB ports.


Feb 12, 2014
Summer 2020 I think I'll do the "Orthodox Highline Trail" from Leidy Peak to the Mirror Lake Hwy. None of this "Protestant Highline Trail" nonsense!


May 16, 2017
But that's not the Highline, is it.

It sure isn't, but it's not too far off and it's very lovely and there aren't so many trees up there.

Not to mention those 'Cheatpeta-ites'.

Well, from that perspective starting at the Leidy Peak TH isn't much better since the true UHT trailhead is on HW191. That being said, it's boring forest walking from there to Leidy peak, so clearly Leidy peak gives you the best bang for the buck.
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